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Kid’s Parties can be a nightmare (read about what I learnt planning my 6 year olds’ party here), I wish I had read this from Veronica before I had started! So of course, when she offered to share some of her wisdom with you all, I jumped at the chance.

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A Bit About Veronica

Hi! My name is Veronica Mitchell. I am a mother to two adorable little girls and a handsome little boy. I spend my days caring for my children, packing lunches, reading aloud, kissing boo-boos, and working as the Chief Editor of MyParentingJourney.

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Parents love to throw their children parties that they will enjoy, but parties seem to go against the minimalist mindset. There is no much stuff involved, from cake and ice cream to decoration and party favors. Plus, your child is going to get more gifts, which are typically toys. It can be a minimalist parent’s nightmare!

Don’t worry; there are plenty of minimalist kids party ideas out there. One of the main tips is to change the focus to the activity rather than the stuff. You don’t need a crazy amount of decorations or to spend a large amount of money. Here are some simple ideas that kids will love.

Make Your Pizza Party

Kids love pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? Instead of ordering pizza, make or purchase pizza dough. It is cheap and easy to make at home. Purchase different toppings that kids may like such as pepperoni, cheese, sausage, chicken, and pineapple. Then, let the kids create their pizza. You combined the activity and the food, and the kids will love it.

Family Only Parties

Sometimes, it is fine to go small and only invite family and close friends. The purpose of a birthday party is to celebrate your child’s birth and aging. You can do that with just family. Buy or make a cake. Make your child’s favorite dinner and invite over those that you love the most.

Pick an Adventure

Take your party on the road and pick an adventure instead of a party. Parties can go on the road too. If your child is adventurous, take them to go zip lining or snowboarding. If your child is younger or shy, try simply heading to the zoo or a trampoline park. The idea is to focus on the activity rather than the stuff that comes with the party.

Think outside of the box and think about your child. Making pottery with her best friend could be an adventure for your daughter. Heading to a baseball game could be ideal for your son. Make it something your kid will love, such as swimming.

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Don’t Rent a Venue; Stay Home

Your home is a perfectly great venue for your child’s party. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a venue if you have space at your house to host the party.

Staying home can be hard if you live in a small space or don’t have access to a backyard. You do need space to put everyone and have tables. Some of the best parties are at home when the kids can run wild and free outside. They can play on the swing set or whatever equipment you might have as the parents chat over cake and dinner. It is simple and perfect, no need to have a fancy party.

Borrow What You Can

So, your child has decided they must have a bounce house for their birthday party. There are a few options. You can rent a venue with a bounce house included, but the above point tells us to have it at home if possible.

Check to see if any of your friends have a bounce house. You might be surprised! There are small sized bounce houses that parents can purchase for their children to enjoy outside. If no one has one, the other option is to purchase a bounce house yourself. However, as a minimalist, we don’t want to buy something we will only use once, especially a large item.

Borrowing can be for anything! See if your friends have pretty drink dispensers or tubs for drinks. Someone might have decorations they never used or a cake stand that fits your theme. Ask around and return those items quickly, so they aren’t sitting around in your house.

Talk to Your Child about Gifts

Birthday parties and gifts go together hand in hand. Your minimalist lifestyle is your own, and your child may want gifts for their party. That is fine!

There are other options though. Talk to your child about asking for donations for a local charity that matters to your child. A great idea is to ask for items to donate to your local animal shelters! Your child gets the chance to feel fantastic about donating and helping others.

For grandparents or family members, suggest a membership to their favorite museum or zoo. Ask for equipment for the next sports season. They could pay for a month of art lessons or take your child out for a date.

If your child is young, you might consider asking for something important such as a stroller or a needed item rather than toys.

Favorite Color

If you want a simple theme, think about your child’s favorite color. If she loves purple, make a purple cake, have purple cups and purple candy for favors. You could have colored cookies and other goodies! Go simple yet cute and thoughtful. Encourage your guests to wear your child’s favorite color, whether it is a shirt or their entire outfit!

An enjoyable party doesn’t require tons of items or a lot of money. All you need to do is create fun memories with your child for his special day. A minimalist kids party can be whatever you want! Enjoy your child’s day and focus on what matters.

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