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Merry Christmas!! 

close-up of a green Christmas wreath on a blue door

We are undoubtedly already stuffing our faces, I’ve probably been up a thousand hours already in preparation for our first hosted Christmas together (eek!) I have pre-written this post (as if I have time to write this on the day) but it is the season of forgiveness so I’m sure you can let me have this one.

I won’t keep you too long, if you are reading this at all, but I want to say a very Merry Christmas to all of The Mummy Toolbox readers who make blogging and writing an honour and a privilege each year and I am really excited for what is in store for 2018 and beyond. The Toolbox is my opportunity to escape and while this year it’s been full of blessings it’s had its dramas and sad moments too, but writing in my little space makes everything a little bit bearable. So this is a shoutout to all those who may have had a crappy year so far, are feeling a little low or alone this Christmas or are looking for someone to talk to, I got you, don’t worry, together we are going to make this year better than ever!

I hope you get everything you asked for this Christmas, just remember to have fun, play some games together, smile and laugh. Now get off of your phone, laptop or ipad and have a fantastic day, cherish what you have, try not to eat tooooo much (I will not be following that advice) and make it a Christmas to remember.

All my love

Charlotte x