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Merry Christmas 2016 from The Mummy Toolbox

Forgive me but this is a scheduled post (technically here it is Christmas eve eve) but when you read this I will be really busy with the family (you probably are too)and enjoying the day together because let’s be honest, today’s the day, the day we have been planning for and I bet you were up early whether due to excitement (or stress) but I just wanted to say that you should try and enjoy it.

I hope you get everything you hoped for, whether it is a reaction from others opening presents or the gift you really wanted but remember even if you don’t and you’re a little disappointed, that’s ok too just try to enjoy yourself and spend time with others and I just wanted to say:

Eat the extra mince pie or cake, you can burn it off tomorrow,

Have an extra glass of wine, your hangover will only last the day,

Play silly games and get involved together, play an extra round of cards and go to bed later, 

Do something nice for someone, you’ve got an excuse to

Leave the house and have an adventure

Really cherish just this one day this year and then no matter whether your 2016 has been great or terrible, you will be ending it on a good note and proving that no matter what happens next year, you made it now and you can survive it and make it through! Plus you’ll be making some fantastic memories with no regrets!

Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at The Mummy Toolbox! 



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