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 I have always had a pet (or pets) and we all know I love animals (my 4 cats are proof)

When Emma contacted me about a guest post I was thrilled, because this is something I completely agree with. Having pets is something that we wanted the little chap to grow up with and learn from. He loves them and it has taught him so many life lessons already and he is only 4 (I won’t spoil Emma’s fun by going into too much detail, you will just have to read ahead). So here she is…

A Little About Emma

Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. You can follow her on Twitter

*Guest post*

Living with a pet can have a lot of benefits for everyone and especially children. Unconditional love, trust, loyalty and all other things that involve having an animal friend while growing up can considerably contribute to the proper social development of a child as well as a nicely shaped personality in adult years of life.

Sense of responsibility

Parents are often worried that a young child will soon get bored of a pet like they get bored of their toys but if they are given the opportunity to spend enough time with the pet, realize that it is a living being with needs and desires, they are more than likely to eagerly accept the role of a ‘care-taker’ and try to give their best to the pet. This is true for all children and small kids are definitely no exception. Especially with young kids, the need to be responsible by imitating their parents’ behavior will reflect positively on their relationship with a pet. By taking first steps of learning how to be good friends and owners to their animal friends, children will find it easier to show empathy and responsibility in other situations and with other people in their life.

What can your kids learn from having a pet - Guest post

Emotional treasure

With a pet by their side that always shows love, trust, compassion and loyalty, children will discover a completely new world of feelings that is not only related to their parents. This is very important for kids and especially those who are shy because they will find that it is not so scary to be open towards others and that kindness pays off. When they feel blessed with positive energy derived from a deep bond with a pet, kids will also try to show the same emotions to others, knowing how happy they can make them.

Enough physical activity

An active companion means an active child. Even kids who like to sit around the house all day are bound to seek the joys of adventure and physical activity when playing with a pet. Be it inside or outside, it is always good to have your child move around while having fun. Not only is this good for proper growth and muscle building, but it will also encourage creative development during the search of all the possible games the kid and the pet could play.

What can your kids learn from having a pet - Guest post by Emma

Organizational skills

Not many people realize this, but if the complete responsibility for a pet is gradually given to a child they will take it more seriously than some adults. This will involve following the schedule for walks and feeding, getting interested in learning more about the pet and even talking to a vet independently, taking good care of all the necessary pet supplies for a satisfied and healthy animal and paying special attention to details regarding the baths, brushing, etc. All these activities lead to acquiring some great organization skills, patience and meticulousness that will really come in handy for any future endeavors.

Spending childhood years together with a pet is the best possible gift and favor parents can do for their kids. A pet is a real helper in raising a socially smart and confident child and will definitely be a part of many valuable lessons every child ought to learn without any pressure.

Do you have pets? Do your children help with their upkeep? (no cuddles don’t count :p)

9 comments on “What Your Kids Learn From Having A Pet”

  1. Would love to get a pet for my little 2 year old but with both of us working full time I find it hard to figure out how we would ensure the pet got the care it would need, maybe in the future, thanks for making me think about it though, I’m sure my little man would love it!

  2. I know this is a different kind of pet, but my niece is into horses. While she is only 13, she has learned so much responsibility from taking care of her horse. It always amazes me that the same kid who can’t remember to flush the toilet regularly can make sure to brush a horses teeth, get him out every day to walk/hack and make sure if she can’t be there that he is taken care of. Pets come in all sizes but give so much to our lives!

  3. We have a cat and Monkey loves him, although we have to limit his exposure as he is allergic to cats so although he will feed him we can’t have him do much else. When he gets a bit older we will get him a bunny or something but we will need to make sure he is not allergic to that as well 🙂 xx

  4. This is a great post. I think having a pet teaches children responsibility. We have a dog in our house who is just a few months older than our eldest. She helps feed him and walk him and wash him x

  5. I remember the first time we had a pet as a child, my mum had convinced my dad it was the right thing to do because of all these reasons. We loved our cat. I’ve had pets as an adult too and they really are great companions. We will get a cat in the next couple of years for our girls x

  6. Yes, T has a cat and a dog. I agree with you, especially about responsibility. During the holidays and she doesn’t have any school, she knows it’s her responsibility to walk the dog. Of course, she doesn’t do it on her own, maybe when she’s a bit older, yes. Anyway, hope you and your family have a lovely Easter break. x

  7. Ahh fab post – I have always had pets and we still have pets that my children adore. In fact, Toby will frequently carry our siamese cat, Mushu, around and drag the poor girl about – which she loves. She flicks her tail into his palm and he told it while they walk around the house! H x

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