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I have always loved a good day off!… Always!… and now I have a son, I feel it is my duty to teach him what it really means to; take a day out, relax and have a PROPER duvet day!

Let’s be honest, any day where you can avoid being a grown-up is a day that I am interested in! (I literally wrote a post about the 10 Ways To Avoid Being A Grown Up) and I like to think that I have had enough duvet days in my lifetime that I am somewhat of a duvet day connoisseur.

To be clear, a duvet day is not necessarily staying at home either – I am a stay at home mum so all of my work is at home including (but not limited to) ; volunteering, studying, freelance work, cleaning, cooking, organising, blogging, repairing any number of clothes or toys (and occasionally sandwiches – yes I have had to “repair” sandwiches). Just because my place of work is my home, does not mean I have constant duvet days (although sometimes I am typing whilst wrapped in my duvet (you are just jealous!).

Also, Sunday by definition is a day of rest however it does NOT count as a duvet day, a proper duvet day occurs when you can take yourself out of day-to-day worries and stress, Sundays have a looming monday so they do not count! NOPE the real action is during the week when it is far more quiet and you get to rub it in peoples’ faces that you are off and they are not! (i’m sorry but you know it is true!)

No, officially (sort of) in essence a duvet day is:

The Definition of a Duvet Day


The key aims of a duvet day are:

  1. Relax

  2. No Stress

  3. Do what you WANT to do – not what you HAVE to do

  4. Sleep in – this is no longer possible with kids so i’ve had to exclude it from the list (although I LOVEEE a lie in…. I think I remember what they were like)

For scientific purposes (obviously) I have had so many duvet days in order to come up with the perfect formula! and I think I have cracked it…

Honestly the key to a successful duvet day is: “sod it” – literally anything you don’t WANT to do…..sod it! don’t think about it today, it’s your day and we aren’t dealing with it! and here’s the thing – if you are one of those people who cleans to de-stress, then have at it! do whatever makes you feel better, whatever your therapy is! that is the secret!

So here is MY recipe for the perfect duvet day:

Family Duvet Day - The Key to a perfect duvet day
Family Duvet Day

1. Duvet

The proof is in the name! – No “Duvet Day” is complete without the bedding in question. Roll up like a caterpillar and get on that sofa! (or bed, or chair) and have a mellow (as in marshmallow because usually that’s how we end up!)

2. Snacks

Yes we have healthy snacks (and naughty snacks) – we love a decent bowl of popcorn to “share”, sometimes we have cookies, sometimes we have a fruit salad! What do we fancy? nobody knows, the last time I made Banana & Honey Flapjacks so they were both sweet and healthy BONUS!

3. Games

Some are completely made up! (don’t touch the floor it’s lava) and others are games like Buckaroo, Hungry Hippos, Floor Puzzles… whatever we are in the mood for!

Buckaroo - The Key to a perfect Duvet Day
He’s a machine – always beats me at buckaroo!

4. TV

We love to binge watch TV on our days off (admittedly I would rather be watching Greys Anatomy, but we compromise and usually watch a Disney film which is AOK with me!)

5. Forts

This is something I mentioned in my “Fun Frugal Kids Activities” post and to be honest I can never get enough of trashing the house and having an indoor adventure… I mean my son forces me to make them… ahem.

Grown up fort
One of our forts!

6. Jammies

Of the Jim Jam family (pyjamas for you sane ones), who needs to get dressed? not me, i’m not going anywhere and I have no intention with interacting with the outside world today so I am staying in my Pyjamas thank you very much! so snuggly!

Jim Jams - The key to a perfect duvet day
He’s not a poser at all :p

Lastly I love to take photo’s to remember how much fun and how relaxed you can be when you decided just for one day “sod it i’ll do it tommorrow”

Enjoying a Duvet Day


Do you have duvet days? how do you amuse yourselves? 


27 comments on “The Secret To The Perfect Duvet Day”

  1. Oh I love Duvet days!! Sometimes it is really needed. I can’t do this very often but when we do it is just perfect, especially in the winter. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

  2. I admit I’d never heard of a duvet day before reading this, but what a great idea. I’m not sure I’d be allowed to have one, though! I’d have to get out of the house probably in order to have a proper day off from reality. I can just imagine it now – must try it sometime soon! #KCACOLS

  3. I love duvet days, yours sound fab. Mine involve duvets, chocolate, tea (and / or wine), books and netflix.
    Looking forward to one soon.
    Amanda. #kcacols

  4. Charlotte, although I too work from home it seems that I am rarely there. I could so use a duvet day, but I’m not sure when that’s going to happen. Pulling the covers over my head, or even just snuggling in for a day of marathon television, sounds so good right now! I’m so happy that you took the day to bond and have a memory making duvet day!

  5. Charlotte…may be one of my favorite posts of yours! But I’m also feeling very sentimental for the days when my wee ones were the age of your wee one. Those were such great times. Here’s my advice from a farther end of parenting…not that you asked, but…don’t let up on those Duvet Days…when your son is in college you’ll wonder if you had enough of them. And having the photos is a great reminder that you did and that you had a ball doing it.
    Cheers to Duvet Days!

    Hugs, Lynn

    • thanks so much lynn! sometimes I end up getting caught up in work and doing so many things I forget to enjoy him !! so duvet days are our way of taking it a bit slower!! thanks for the advice! much appreciated xx

  6. Great, it is so useful trick to take the pressure off from work but sadly very few parents actually implement it. Looks like you guys are doing it in style. I would do mostly all of it but TV, there are far better things we can do with li’l ones then watching full length feature. I have few out door and indoor activities to play with toddlers on a lazy day like this, in one article here in case you are interested to link it along this post. #bloggerclubuk

  7. These are great tips for a duvet day. I really struggle with them as there is always something that is playing on my mind to get done. I somehow have to have my duvet day away from the house!

  8. Love the superman pj photo. So cute. Duvet days don’t exist in our house, because if I stay in bed planned or not, the OH just comes in and disturbs me/us.

  9. Ha ha I could so do with one of these at the moment work is so busy its bonkers and inevitably wakes me up at 5 in the morning thinking about all the things Ive not done so a ‘sod it’ day would be good!! Maybe I will schedule one in for next week 🙂 x

  10. Looks like so much fun! I can’t remember the last time I got to do this. As a teacher, it was probably my last snow day so before we had kids. The snow has been annoyingly absent since then. Great tips for a relaxing day 🙂

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