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How We Had Nando’s At Home!

How We Had Nando's at home - peri-peri medium chicken marinade

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Before we start I have to admit I have never seen the fuss with Nando’s! (I know I know, let the hate begin)

Maybe it is because I don’t live near enough to a restaurant to make it “a thing” or maybe out of principle of not wanting to be a “cheeky Nando’s” – er –  I refused to go. Either way I have never had a Nando’s (don’t judge me!)

Anyway, I was out shopping with my dad and he picked up a Nando’s Marinade sauce for his chicken – this from the man who is a bit of a hermit and doesn’t really do restaurants (and can also be a bit of a cheapskate – “60p soap, I’m not paying those prices”) so I figured – if he was making the effort I had to see what all the fuss is about!

*The husband wants me to inform you at this point that he thinks Nando’s is very tasty and is annoyed he could not convince me to try it*

So this is what I picked up: “Nando’s Peri-Peri Medium Marinade” – we went for the middle ground because i’m spicy enough already :p


The Prep

There are a couple of ways you can use this sauce and we opted (as it was intended) to use it as a marinade – although it does say you can stir fry it too so that’s something to think about! The only downside to this is that you have to leave it overnight which annoyed the boys because they wanted it now!! so I stuffed other food in their faces while it marinaded overnight. We used around half the bottle for 500g chicken and left in an airtight (ish) container overnight – look how good we are sticking to  the instructions (gold star please!)  – not going to lie raw marinaded chicken looks naaasty!


The Cooking

Okay so I have to admit, I didn’t actually do the cooking on this one (don’t roll your eyes!) – the husband was in charge (ish) and after (not) reading the label correctly (no gold star for him) we ended up frying the chicken rather than grilling or BBQ like it suggests on the bottle – ah well you can’t have everything!

Paired with 

I heard that they have sweet potato wedges at Nando’s so we decided to make a real copycat meal of it – since nobody has time to make our own sweet potato wedges (*cough we forgot) we settled for plain old sweet potato chunks (and veg).

Soooo, How did it taste?

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, and really enjoyed mine. Even though we fried it, the marinate didn’t dry up too much and left a bit of dippy sauce for the sweet potato which was nice.

One thing to note – maybe it was the way we cooked it – but we didn’t think it was that spicy and the husband said that it wasn’t as strong as the in house “Medium Spice”. If you are really looking for that kick then I recommend going for the hot version.

I don’t think i’ll risk it though and to be honest it was really tasty and a pretty healthy meal all round. I’ve definitely found a new way to make chicken interesting!!

Yes Mum I ate more vegetables! – but heaped plates don’t make for a pretty picture!!

I think the next step for us is to try it with a stir fry and see how it fairs, plus I hear that they have other flavours! So,  watch this space!

Voila! That’s how we had Nando’s at home! Do you love Nando’s ? Which product shall we try next?!

*We were not compensated in anyway for this post, I bought the product – enjoyed it and wanted to share our experience – all thoughts, opinions and love are my own!

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