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Home baby proofing tips spring to mind when you’re pregnant. But the first thing I’ll say is, you have time!

When you’re expecting, you start reading all the baby books and suddenly the house seems like an unsafe place and you start to feel a little (more) unprepared! But honestly, while it’s important it’s actually not as time sensitive as you think. A baby can’t walk or really do anything so as long as everything is out of reach, you’re pretty much set to begin with. 


You have to do it eventually, so I’m sharing some home baby proofing tips that you can execute whenever you like:

Home Baby Proofing Tips – Before The Baby Is Born 

Prepare Your Wardrobe

Babies need a lot more space in the wardrobe than you think. Partly because they will grow so fast and also because of the utter cuteness that you’ll buy when they are little. You’ll need clothes of all ages that are several months in advance and it’s usually difficult to get rid of them straight away.


If you’re planning to share your wardrobe and drawers with your little one, make sure to clean them first, taking note of removing dirt, dust or residue which can irritate the baby’s skin.


Free up some space by picking out clothes that you love, are comfortable in and will wear frequently. Separate out the clothes you may not wear for a while after your baby is born (here’s looking at you mini skirts) and pop them into storage. 

Buying New

If you plan on buying a new wardrobe for your little one, make sure you clean and wipe it down and secure or file down any jagged edges. This will save you time and effort baby proofing it later. One of the other home baby proofing tips that people often forget is to secure it to the wall which can often cause a lot of damage to children. 

Pre-cleaning the House

This can be difficult to fit in, especially when you’re more focused on your pregnancy is going. I also want to reiterate to be careful and take things easy when pregnant, get a helping hand if necessary. But, doing this now will take a TON of stress off you later! Change linens and curtains, get some airflow in the house and get rid of all the allergy causing dust. 

While you’re doing this, invest in some organic cleaning supplies to stock your cupboards. Your baby WILL touch every surface and you’ll need plenty of wipes and cleaning products.

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Home Baby Proofing Tips – Once The Baby is Born

Yay you have a baby! Now, waiting for your baby to walk or even crawl feels like a century away, but believe it or not, it’ll be there quicker than you think! Before you know it, your little one will be opening kitchen cabinets or climbing tables, chairs, and even shelves. So my main home baby proofing tips include:

Clear Low-Level Shelves

This not only protects your valuables but can give you a clear line of sight! You would also benefit from removing the physical shelves completely to avoid banging heads on sharp corners! If you can’t remove them, add foam or rubber covers to the corners. 

Cover Electric Sockets

Babies put their fingers (and toys, and food) everywhere and this could dangerously lead to electrocution. Although many sockets nowadays have regulations to add more protection. All it takes is something being rammed in there for your baby to be seriously injured. So it’s better to opt for the easy plastic coverings! 

Tidy Your Chords

Not just for appliances, but things like curtain ropes and the strings for the blind are important too. Don’t forget to check those hanging off the TV or desk as well as your bedside table.

Safety Latches

Putting safety latches on reachable cabinets will keep the little one away from dangerous chemicals in the kitchen and from heavy objects toppling over. Add them to cupboards to avoid damaging crockery.

The Toilet & The Fridge

Yes. Some toddlers and babies have a need for a snack and a swim (not from the same place) by themselves. We had to put a lock on the fridge so our cats wouldn’t keep opening it (so it’s the furbabies too!) and although we’ve not had issues with the toilet, I know plenty of friends who have.

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Home Baby Proofing Products I’ve Used:

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Share with me your best home baby proofing tips below!

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