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I’ve seen these witch hat cupcakes around last year quite a bit and I really wanted to give them a go!

witch hat cupcakes on pumpkin printed napkin with small pumkpin in background

We’ve been really busy this year so other than our Mummy Pizzas we have had very little on the Halloween front and we aren’t even sure if we will make it out trick or treating. But one of the things we enjoy doing is making cool Halloween food! These definitely aren’t my idea, they’ve been around for a while but I wanted to see if they were easy or not as they would be perfect for a party.

Essentially, witch hat cupcakes are a combination of different elements that join together for a Halloween twist on normal cupcakes. We started with my Basic Cupcake Recipe which is our standard when we are doing funky decorating like this! Although I now wish I had used food dye to turn them green or orange, that would have been a fun surprise!

So, here’s our witch hat cupcakes along with some other Halloween party bonuses to see you through!


Here is the spray (affiliate):


  1. Make your cakes
  2. Combine the green food colouring and the buttercream icing together until you have a green mixture.
  3. Ice the cakes as normal and pop them in the fridge while you make the hats.
  4. Spray the ice cream cones with the black spray on a piece of parchment paper and allow to dry.cones on parchment paper sprayed black
  5. When dry, use the purple decoration icing to draw a ribbon around the base of the cone.
  6. Then, using the orange decorating icing, draw a buckle on the centre of the ribbon.witch cones with piped icing on parchment paper
  7. Place on the top of your cakes and allow them to set before taking them out.
  8. You could also opt to decorate your witch hat cupcake hats with stars, moons or other Halloweeny ideas.witch hat cupcakes second view on pumpkin paper

I told you it was simple and these would make a great addition to any Halloween party table! 

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