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Little Miss is loving her activity gym and ball pit already!

This being our second child we have sort of done away with all the fancy toys and equipment this time around, we didn’t really need or use much last time so we have saved our money this time. Yay for being frugal! But with the big brother the two things that were a bit of a life saver were his bouncer and his activity mat because it gave you a safe (and interesting) place to put the baby down while you took two minutes for yourself.

Little Miss doesn’t like things that bounce or sway much as she is quite a sicky baby so for the moment the bouncer is in the corner, but I put together the activity mat as a bit of a last resort as somewhere to put her and it turns out that she loves it! Even from three weeks old you can see her gazing at the hanging toys and looking at the mesh sides, plus the brother loves the balls in the ball pit so he gets involved playing with her! So, since it has become a favourite and peace giver, I thought it deserved a review!

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What is it?

It’s an activity gym that has a mobile and mesh sides that you can put up to turn it into a ball pit, in the cute shape of a turtle.

What’s In The Box?

  • 30 Ball Pit Balls
  • 4 Squishy Toys
  • The Mat
  • 4 foam sticks to create the side mesh poles
  • Bendy clickable poles that create the top of the mobile


  1. Easy to wipe – We have had a few sick accidents but a baby wipe easily cleans it and it doesn’t leave a mark.
  2. A Good Size – It is big enough to play with at various ages but not so big it overwhelms the living room.
  3. Washable Toys – dribble, sick and all of the other elements that come with babies mean that you need easy to clean toys and these are a great material.
  4. Extra Hoops – The overhanging poles have extra hoops so you can attach their favourite buggy toys and hanging toys to make it more interesting and move things around to stop them getting bored.
  5. Storage – I love that you can store the balls (and room for buying more) in the turtle head because they end up everywhere normally!
  6. Age Adjustable – The other key feature that really suits us is that it is suitable from birth to toddlers which means it will stay with us through all of the developmental stages so it makes the extra cost worth it.

activity gym 1


  1. The Sides – the side mesh are held up by foam uprights and with bigger or heavier children this is easy for them to knock over. After being sat on a few times they have started to slump so you have to take them out and re-shape them a bit so they don’t let the sides down.
  2. The Price – For an activity gym it is in the higher range at about £40 which can be a lot of money to spend, particularly with all of the other things you need to buy.

activity gym 2

Our Verdict

Ultimately I love multifunctional baby toys because they are worth the money and as this activity gym lasts into the toddler phase it will be useful for a while. It doesn’t take up too much space and its turtle shape makes it quite cute to look at which means it doesn’t overpower the room or make me want to put it away. Plus, big brother likes to play with the ball pit too so it’s a win win and encourages them to play together!

Overall we love it and I would highly recommend one for your infant or baby!

Where Can You Get One: (Aff)

Grow With Me 3 in 1 Baby Gym Play Mat & Ball Pit With Mesh Sides

*This is not a formal review, it’s just a great product that I recommend and wanted you to know about. I did not receive any compensation or incentives to write and all thoughts are of course my own. 

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