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Freezing fruit is the best way to prolong its lifespan as well as opening up a whole new array of options for recipes.

Frozen fruit is good for the budget too because it is usually cheaper as you buy it in bulk. Fresh fruit and vegetables tend to go off very quickly in our house so if I can freeze it – I will!

Here are some recipes and ways you can use frozen fruit!!


Smoothies – Avoid watering down the smoothies and maintaining a yummy thick texture by adding frozen fruit. I have tried using fresh too but I just love how chilled they are! I use frozen banana’s in the Healthy Honey & Banana smoothie I posted.

Banana & Honey Smoothie - Frozen fruit uses, recipe's and tips

Cupcakes – This applies to cakes in general really! and is a healthier alternative for bulking out cakes if you don’t want to add icing! (makes plain cakes more interesting too!)
My Summer Fruit Cupcakes are used with frozen fruit and they taste amazing- you’d never notice this difference!


Add pre cut  frozen fruit to pancakes if you don’t have time to cut them fresh! It saves time and still manages to get one of your 5 a day first thing in the morning! I posted a great recipe for Perfect Professional Pancakes if you want a good base mixture to start with!
Add frozen fruit to pancakes


Rather than watering them down by having to add extra ice, add frozen berries or fruit for a smooth chilled cocktail without ruining the taste!

Cocktails - fun uses for frozen fruit


Frozen fruits in a frozen dessert! shocking! in sorbet, frozen fruit helps to chill the mixture before going in the freezer and I find it makes it more light, airy and tasty. My Low-Fat Strawberry & Peach Sorbet recipe uses frozen strawberries and is a great low fat pudding alternative.

Strawberry & Peach Sorbet - frozen fruit recipes, uses and tips

Top Tip’s For Freezing Fruit

Frozen Grapes

 Add frozen grapes to wine in the summer to keep it chilled without watering it down with ice and keeping the taste! (I am definitely all about preserving wine!)
Frozen Grapes in WIne - Cool recipe's and tips for frozen fruit

Freezing Banana’s 

Freezing bananas (this works for other slimey fruits too) between two baking sheets stop them from sticking together when frozen!

Top Tip for freezing frozen fruit - bananas

Do you know of any more ways to use frozen fruit? have a recipe you want to share or a sneaky tip? let me know in the comments!

46 comments on “Fun Uses For Frozen Fruit”

  1. I love using froze fruit, Dole has some great frozen packs and the fruit looks so fresh. We use the blueberry and the mixed berry all the time, for smoothies or a cobbler, when I make crepes I use this fruit to make a fruit sauce, like a pie filling, to go on top. I love that I know what’s in the things we eat and frozen fruit is available all year round! I’ve never tried adding the frozen grapes to wine, or freezing banana slices, thanks for the tips and tricks!

  2. Hello Charlotte, I always have quite a stash of frozen fruit on hand and use it primarily in smoothies and on yogurt. You have so many great ideas here , I espically love the idea of the frozen grapes in wine!

    Thanks for the compilation!

    Hugs and wishes for a great weekend, Lynn

  3. My kids love eating frozen grapes in the summer. I love frozen berries in my smoothies. I did make the mistake of freezing bananas in their peels before. It makes it difficult to use them. 🙂 Great freezing tips!

  4. I eat frozen blueberries and grapes like candy. I have not thought of slicing my bananas like this to freeze. I will try this. Thanks.

  5. Fantastic ideas to use fruit. I never froze fruit like that – great tip to use the baking paper. I always love the idea of freezing grapes but forget to do it – I must try that, it sounds fantastic! Thanks so much for hosting #YumTum x

  6. These ideas are awesome! I’ve done a few of them like the fruit in cocktails, baking and smoothies. I almost always use frozen fruit in my strawberries. It gives them that icy consistency that I love. 🙂 Grapes in wine is such a good idea!! I’ll have to try it sometime.

  7. For a long time I kept a bag of tropical fruit in our freezer for smoothies. My parents have a Yonannas, which turns frozen fruit into ice cream, but I never thought to use it in cocktails—sounds perfect.

  8. I always have frozen fruit in the freezer (bought), but also freeze bananas and blueberries. I never get round to using them much though. I usually make crumbles when I’ve not got fresh fruit in.

  9. Love your ideas for using frozen fruit, especially the grapes. I like to freeze lemon slices to use in a G&T, I freeze orange & lime slices too, perfect for any summer drinks.

  10. We buy a lot of frozen fruit as we always add it to breakfast so that the children have started the day off healthily. I like some of your ideas though like adding to cake I hadn’t really thought of 🙂 Thanks for sharing. #YumTum

  11. Frozen fruit is definitely a thing to have on stand by. So many things can be done! I use them a lot in smoothies or for compotes over porridge.

  12. I haven’t bought frozen fruit before but it would be great to have in the house. The boys often ask for lots of different types of fruit but I don’t buy them as know it’ll go off before it’s eaten. This could be a good solution.

  13. “Add frozen grapes to wine in the summer to keep it chilled without watering it down” – Genius! Also, the frozen fruit in cocktails idea is gold. Top post!

  14. I love buying frozen fruits for my smoothies especially since I travel a lot and don’t want my fresh fruits to go off. I usually buy frozen Black Forest fruits they are always a hit in my smoothies

  15. Gosh everything there looks so delicious. We love frozen fruit here, my kids love smoothies and milkshakes so try to make them both as healthy as possible when we can xx

  16. We’re big fans of frozen fruit here. It’s great having them on hand to add to yoghurts of in smoothies. Kids love them in ice cream too

  17. When we have had gluts of fruits we have picked such as blackberries and rhubarb we have frozen them. I’ve never really thought about buying ready frozen fruit.

  18. These are some great ideas. I love adding frozen fruit to my smoothies, it takes away the need to add extra ice, which makes it too watery. I had never thought of freezing bananas like that, I will definitely do that from now on. Love the idea of adding frozen grapes to wine too! xx

  19. I must admit I’ve never tried buying frozen fruit. But you know what, I think I might just give this a go too, especially since like vegetables, they (when not eaten) end up soiled and in the bin too. Makes perfect sense to also buy them frozen, although of course, it shouldn’t totally replace the fresh ones. It’s just good to have around, isn’t it?

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