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I thought it was high time I bought the big guns out and created some fantastic fitness tracker printables for you all!

trainers next to bike in hallway fitness tracker printables

As you know I have a Freebies section where I have some fitness related printables such as:

But these are highly specific and I have always advocated for journalling or using a log book when on your fitness journey. It makes everything easier, tracks your progress and keeps you accountable, so I have said a hundred times before. Well, I decided to make one for you so that you can incorporate this into your journey yourself without spending a penny.

One of my pet peeves about logbooks is that they aren’t always useful online. Personally, I prefer to write most things down with a traditional pen and paper but sometimes I want the ease of a digital workbook so I created these printables so that you can fill in the boxes online OR print them out according to your preference.

What You Get in The Fitness Tracker Printables:

  1. Basic Workout Log – to write your month and goal as well as record the date, workout type, time duration, notes and track your weight. It’s good to have this basic overview.
  2. Daily Food Tracker – I count macros which involves not just calories but what is in your food specifically so you know you are getting a well-rounded diet. This tracker helps you log everything! (I mean everything.)
  3. Weekly Weights Log – Note your daily muscle group you are focusing on and exercises as well as your reps and sets to see it across the entire week.
  4. Weekly Cardio Log-What cardio have you done this week? note your activities, calorie burned, speed, distance and time.
  5. Measurement Record – Note your weekly measurements for the month for arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves and weight to track progress.
  6. Progress Tracker Chart – I love a good graph and this will help you see your progress in a fun visual. However, this is the only element you can’t click on digitally and can only be used when printed.
  7. Monthly Fitness Calendar – 5 weeks so you can jump in wherever you start (no excuses). My favorite part about this one is it has a tick box so you can check whether you met the target that day! It’s all about the little things.
  8. Weekly Menu Plan – Fitness is not just about exercise but also about food as well so this weekly menu plan can be the first step to keep you on track with your food.

What Do I Have To Do?

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Why have you made it a sign up only?

Normally I offer my freebies willingly, but because these are more in-depth and have taken a lot more time and effort I need to be able to afford to do this and keep them free for readers in the future. Keeping them sign-up makes them more exclusive to my readers and valuable for everyone. But, you can always unsubscribe at any time so really, it’s a win-win

Change Your Fitness Mentality

I also have a 5-Day Fitness Mentality challenge (I will be writing a post on this soon) which you can sign up for and the printables are a part of this as well if you want extra 2-for-1 value!

Introducing the free fitness tracker printables that you can use digitally or print them out so that you can achieve all of your health and fitness goals. #fitfam #fitness #fit #exercise #freebies #freeprintables #printables#fitnestracker

21 comments on “Free Fitness Tracker Printables (Digital or Printable)”

  1. I haven’t tried printables for tracking before. but i can see how valuable this could be! I try to keep a mental math, but its mostly around the days that i worked out and not. Using a printable forces a discipline almost to monitor more than just the days of the week. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been looking for a way to complie all the information that my little tracker! Thank you!

  3. Oo I might have to look into this – I’ve just recently got into Fitness tracking myself, and I’m finding it really interesting to see how I’m doing.

  4. I have been considering getting me a fitness tracker, but I am so unmotivated to do that. I do however love your printables and I will be sharing them with a few of my mommie friends who are all about the running and jogging! Thank you!

  5. As someone who honestly isn’t excited about fitness at all these printables definitely get me motivated and thinking that I can actually work out with a plan instead of straining myself and wasting my own time. Thank you for sharing these great tools and making them FREE.

  6. Having these printables is such a great idea. It would for sure help in maintaining the much needed goals, progress . Thumbs up to them.

  7. I use a progress tracker chart for my blogging so maybe I should create one for fitness as my exercise routine is virtually non existent. I definitely need to do something to change that! x

  8. We’ve been doing CrossFit for almost a year now and have no idea how we’re progressing! I mean, we feel stronger but it would be great it we can log and track our progress this way.

  9. These is such a great idea! Sometimes it’s easy to slip and get lost during training when there is so much going on but this list will definitely help!!

  10. It is easy to get off track with any fitness regime, so these printables can certainly aid anyone who wants to make a serious effort with exercise time. You can also see your progress from month to month.

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