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Foods To Combat Fatigue

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The early morning wake-ups are a killer and fatigue is putting it lightly at the moment. As parents to a newborn again we have been hit with the familiar tiredness! So we are looking at adapting our diet to help fight the newborn fatigue. 

We have hit the ground running, with a 5-year-old, going on holiday, recovering from a C-section, breastfeeding and a newborn, it’s all action stations. This means, quite honestly, we are knackered constantly and are looking for naps wherever we can get them! I don’t like to give on anything which means that I am still trying to manage a workload, my exercise regime to get back in shape, the house, parenting and shortly I will be volunteering again.

This means naps are like gold dust, few and far between and so we have been looking to our diet as a way to stay healthy as a family. We are also trying to have healthier snacks in the house because the time for cooking is basically non-existent so snacks and basic meal prep are the way forward. I have been looking for natural ways to combat tiredness so that we can function on the minimal sleep without my body feeling like it wants to shut down!!

I find that when I am tired, aside from the grumpy attitude I also eat poorly, have skin breakouts, get unwell easily, have zero energy and if you ask my husband, more argumentative! (he’s probably right.) We have found quite a few options that work for us and can double up as great “grab and go” snacks as well as energy boosters to help with the tiredness and fatigue.

The Best Foods To Fight Fatigue

Basically, what I have found is that fresh fruit and vegetables along with food that is more nutrient dense is the best option because they improve body function making it more efficient and stopping you from expending unnecessary energy while giving you a boost. Especially if you are having to maintain a busy lifestyle on minimal sleep (which tends to be the norm with newborns!)

Food That Can Make You Tired

It’s pretty easy to guess the foods that can make you tired because it is generally those with a low nutritional value, some of these include:

Other Ways New Parents Can Combat Fatigue Without Sleeping

How do you combat fatigue without extra sleep? Which foods or snacks are your favorites? Let me know in the comments. 

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