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I find the best way to give me a motivational “pick me up” is to have something inspiring as my phone wallpaper or lock screen. The amount we all use and check our phones makes it easy for us to get distracted or procrastinate rather than doing the things we want/need to do.

Do you check your phone first thing in the morning? then having a lock screen with something motivational will put it straight in your head that you need to get up and work out!

Hopefully some of these might get you motivated!!

A small workout today leads to bigger workouts tomorrow
Fail like a champion
Do it properly..
Don't Stop
Make Yourself Proud
Perfection isn't everything
Just start
The only one stopping yourself is you
Achieve your dreams
No matter how long the road
it's all about you!
No regrets
Nobody wants to hear excuses anyway
The Fundamentals
There's a difference between hoping and doing something
Don't let one bad day make you quit!
Morning Motivation
Might as well do it today rather than regret it tomorrow!

I will keep updating – if you want to add any then drop an email to or leave your contact details in the comments section 🙂

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