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It’s that time of year again when you struggle to buy for your family and friends, so here are some gift ideas for the latest fitness junkie in your life, whether they are a beginner or guru. Fitness doesn’t come cheap (not when you’re me anyways) so I have separated them according to budget: Bigger, Smaller and Stocking Fillers.

gift ideas

Bigger Budget

Sports watch

For tracking all of their workouts/movements and even sleep. There are so many to choose from. A few great options that I’ve tried myself are:

  • FitBit (I’ve had the Charge 3 and 4, both I would recommend)
  • Garmin (These are a favourite among runners and I’ve currently got the Garmin Instinct and I would recommend)
  • Samsung Gear/Gear Fit (I had one a while ago and it was great for overall health stats, but for runners the Fitbit or Garmin is better)
  • Apple Sports Watch

Underwater Headphones

For those who want to listen to music whilst swimming or distance swimmers could really benefit from underwater headphones! They really help break things up, particularly if you’re swimming for over two hours. My husband swears by these ones which don’t go in your ears they strap to your googles.

Sports/Action Camera

(e.g. GoPro) These are actually really fun and can be great for events and getting the memories in! They are also a good idea for recording your form.

Trainers/ Sports Footwear

These may seem like a small budget item but actually decent trainers are expensive, also you will need to be in the know as to what type of trainers they need, their gait (for runners – pronation, etc) and what surface they will be running on (trail, track, road). So this gift is fantastic – if you know what you’re doing. If you’re not sure then vouchers can go a long way to cutting down the cost!

Smaller Budget

Fitness Clothes

These are always appreciated and you never can have too many workout clothes!

Over-Ear headphones

They are a great idea to avoid them falling out when exercising.


With interchangeable lenses for the runners and cyclists who go out in all weathers

Sports Bag

This is a great idea to keep a pre-packed back in the car or office for those who need a change of clothes to head to the gym. They are great little budget options.


Not the big stuff! The sort of things I mean is:

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Ankle/Wrist weights
  • Resistance bands
  • Exercise Ball
You can find out what equipment they already have and also what weight or resistance they will need.

EMI Options 

These are things that have the personalised “Emergency Medical Information” (EMI) on them. They come in products like; cards, keyrings, bracelets, etc and are an interesting and useful gift to receive. You could try Universal Medical ID they have quite a few options for kids and adults.

Stocking Fillers/Mini Gift Ideas

App Store Gift Card

For all those fitness apps that they have to buy! (this could also qualify as a big or little budget item depending on the amount on the card)


Sports socks have extra cushioning (or you can get compression socks) and are comfier for working out than regular socks!

Sports Bottle

You can get a wide range of bottles, from; handheld running bottles, Protein Shakers, isotonic sports drink bottles and personalised bottles. You could go alternative and have a cute character on them so it stands out from everyone else’s at the gym.

Sweat Bands

These could be head, arm or wristbands that are useful for running, at the gym, or playing sports! You can get them personalised or in a range of colours too, for the fashion conscious!

Workout towels

Similar to sweat bands except these are towels that you don’t have to wear but you can have these personalised too and they are a useful gift (I received one and I use it all the time when I use the elliptical machine). One of my favourite gifts I ever received in my stocking was sports towel and clickable holder similar to this one:

I hope these fitness gift ideas have given you some inspiration. I’ll try and update this list if I get anymore fun gifts!

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