I have to admit, piping is not my strong suit.

So if I am making cupcakes for other people I tend to use this method instead! It’s incredibly easy and is also a great way of hiding the wonky cupcakes that have cracked or risen wonky

This is just a super easy way of “dressing up”  cupcakes, plus who doesn’t love extra chocolate!


Around 150g chocolate

Around 15g of the opposite colour to grate


Bake some cupcakes (Try my basic cupcake recipe) leave a lip between the cake and the edge of the cases.

*Note: Do this by half filling the cases when you divide the mixture before cooking.*

Cooked Basic Cupcakes

Next melt the chocolate in a pourable container (I use pyrex because its microwaveable). Microwave in 30 second bursts (stirring in between) so you don’t burn it.

*Note: You can use a double boiler but be wary as it gets hotter and you need to be able to hold it to pour*

Pyrex Melted Chocolate

Pour a liberal blob of chocolate on the top of each cupcake and using the back of a spoon spread it into each of the creases of the cupcake case.

Spreading The chocolate

*Note: You have to do this quickly so it doesn’t set before it has spread*

Pop them in the fridge to set (at least 2 hours)

Setting in the Fridge



When they have set, grate the white chocolate on top for dusting



They look more "fancy" if they are in black and white cases but I ran out!
They look more “fancy” if they are in black and white cases but I ran out!



Whilst the chocolate is still warm grate the white chocolate on top

Allow it to melt and then use a cocktail stick to create a marbled effect.