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Messy warning - Easy, homemade Midnight cookies - you will get messy - you have been warned... but they are definitely worth it!I think these midnight cookies have finally perfected my cookie making! (fingers crossed)

I have to say I always have trouble getting the dough right so that they flatten properly but still stay gooey in the center,  but I think i’ve finally finally cracked it! (much to my son and husband’s approval – although they never complain about being the official testers anyway!)

These are ideal for thank you gifts or bribery treats! (I always use them as the latter) because the kids (and husbands too) will definitely do as your told with these in your arsenal!

As I have learned with cookies it is all about doing it properly, so make sure you take your time sifting the flour and beating it properly and you will get some really delicious cookies you can be proud of!

and you will definitely get messy!

Onto the good stuff….


120g Butter

170g Caster Sugar

50g Cocoa Powder

1 Egg

130g Plain Flour

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Tsp Bicarbonate of Soda


You can always add in some chocolate chips or trade the cocoa powder for real dark chocolate to give them an extra richness (we don’t think they need them but I’m giving you your options! 🙂 )


Pre-heat the Oven to 180 Degrees

Beat together the butter and sugar

Add the egg and vanilla essence and beat together until creamy

Sift in the; cocoa powder, flour and bicarbonate of soda into the mixture

Mix until you get a sort of dough and it should look a little like this:

Doughy texture for midnight cookies should look something like this

Now, using your hands, roll pieces of the dough into balls – the smaller the ball the smaller the cookie – this dough goes quite far so I wouldn’t go bigger than golf ball size!

*If you have trouble with the dough sticking to your hands, sprinkle some water on your hands and make them damp and it should help manipulate the dough*

Place on greaseproof (baking) paper with decent spacing in between)- the bigger the balls you have made, the more space you will need between them (I had to use two trays for these)

Pat Down Your dough to encourage flattening when making these midnight cookies

*I also like to pat them down a little so that they are “encouraged” to flatten in case they have other ideas!*

Put in the oven for 10 – 20 minutes

*The bigger the cookies, the longer they should go in – if you are unsure, try checking every 4 minutes*

Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly (they will be too gooey otherwise and will start to break apart)

Fresh From The Oven, Midnight cookies - Easy, homemade and delicious

Transfer to a wire rack to cool

Eat – and stop yourself from finishing the plate!

Easy, Homemade Midnight cookies - delicious and full of chocolatey goodness. - perfect for bribery !
They didn’t last long in our house!

If you are in the US then you can convert these measurements with my U.K to US Cooking Conversions (there’s a handy printable too, so you can save for later)

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Easy, Homemade Midnight cookies - delicious and full of chocolatey goodness. - perfect for bribery !

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  1. Hi Charlotte, chocolate cookies and chocolate Brownies are my favourite. Cookies must be gooey on the inside. I look forward to giving these a go.


  2. This looks like such a great quick & easy recipe! I’m pinning it to try soon. Thank you for sharing the link for the US measurement equivalents 🙂

  3. Love chocolate cookies, and they taste even better at around Midnight, don’t they? Thanks for adding the conversion chart. So helpful!

  4. I love chocolate and these look incredible! And that chart to convert the measurements to US is super helpful. Can I ask what caster sugar is though? Is that like confectioner’s sugar? Thanks

    • caster sugar is very fine sugar that is usually used in baking. For us, confectioners sugar is icing sugar so not the same x Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. These look absolutely delicious! I’m not a big fan of too much chocolate, but i can still appreciate it when i see it in mouth watering cookies 😉 plus i know a few people who would actually want me to give this recipe a try.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh! Charlotte, why do you have to post delicious cookie recipes? I only have a couple cookies left in my kitchen which means I need to get baking. These just look too good. I want some chocolate cookies now!! Also, I love your messy hands warning. 🙂 Pinned for later!

  7. Oh YUM! I love chocolate cookies!!! Would you think less of me if I kept them all for myself? Haha! Thanks for sharing your perfect cookie recipe!

  8. These look incredible! My partner always moans at me when making my biscuits as mine always rise slightly. Never thought to pat them down flatter. I will have to try these. Love your blog! #YumTum

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