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They say the early bird gets the worm, I am not an early bird! but for 7 days I am going to get up at 6am

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I hate mornings, ask anyone, I am not an early bird and I loathe having to set my alarm prior to 7:30am and even though I have a toddler, mornings are not my friend and the problem with this is that sometimes I feel like by the time I am properly awake, I’ve wasted a whole morning.

However, I was doing some research and it turns out that while being a night owl might make me more creative (which is wonderful for my blog) it can make me less focused and more likely to procrastinate in other areas of my life, which also sounds (a little) like me. I started reading on Forbes that the Secret To Being A Power Woman is To Wake Up Early and I figured, well if they can do it, why can’t I?

I have made drastic changes to my lifestyle before, just check out my weight loss timeline in pictures so I am no stranger to jumping in at the deep end to try and better myself so I thought why not set myself a challenge and see if anyone can become an early bird or if some people just aren’t built for it.

Either I will end up very productive and have a new lease on life (if the articles are to be believed) or I’ll just have a little less sleep, which if you have been reading about my pregnancy sleeping you will know is lacking at the moment anyways.

My Current Routine

Go to bed anywhere between 9:30pm – 12pm depending on the toddler, work, watching TV etc.

Get up between 7:30-8:30am depending on if I am doing the school run.

What I do in the mornings before 10am:

  • On school run days I get home around 9:15am and then:
    • Tidy up the kitchen/living room
    • Have Breakfast
    • Watch some TV
    • Start work
  • On Non-school run days:
    • Tidying up the kitchen and living room
    • Do some washing
    • Have breakfast
    • Have a shower/make the bed etc
    • Start work

As you can see they are both fairly similar but the gist is that I meander and tidy, have some breakfast and then start working until lunch but I don’t tend to start work until 10am most days.

The Challenge

Be in bed by 9:30-10pm every night to get a decent amount of sleep!

Get up at 6am every morning for 7 days straight

My aim is to try and workout in the morning on top of my usual chores and work and I won’t be changing the amount I do the school run so that should stay the same.

I will be recording a journal over the 7 days to record how I feel in the mornings and throughout the day as well as what I have achieved before 10am each day to see if there is progress. I am also going to see if I feel really tired in the afternoons or if I am ok!!

Wish me luck, I will let you know how I get on next week! – I may do a halfway post to give you an update!

See the Results of The Early Bird Entrepreneur Challenge Here

They say the early bird gets the worm, I am not an early bird! but for 7 days I am going to get up at 6am, see how and why I am trying the challenge.

21 comments on “The Early Bird Entrepreneur Challenge”

  1. Good for you girlie. 🙂 I wake up each morning at 4 am even during the weekend. I’m an early bird. So many things get done by lunch time. I go to sleep at 10-11 pm. Wish you the best of luck.

  2. I used to hate mornings as well until I started working at home. It’s really funny but I didn’t realize that I would be more productive during the morning than in the afternoon.

  3. Good for you!! I have been waking up 30 minutes earlier than normal and before my kids in order to drink my coffee in peace and quiet and do a short work out to wake myself up!

  4. Good luck with your challenge. I’m also not a morning person. They only time I get up early is if I have to or if I’m visiting my niece and nephew. They are super early risers and I usually hear, “Where’s Aunt Blythe? How come Aunt Blythe isn’t up yet?” at around 6:30 every day I’m there. Sometimes I wish I was a morning person so I could get more done early, but my body and brain won’t let me.

  5. I have to get up for work at 4:30 am and it never gets easier. It is doable though and I hope you achieve your results from getting up earlier!

  6. I am definitely not a morning person, although I am doing a lot better than when I was a teenager! Most times I wouldn’t be out of bed until noon.

  7. This is such a good challenge! I don’t think I really need it personally because I get up at 5:30-6:00 since my cats wake me up for food haha but I do agree that everyone should try to get up as early as they possibly can (as long as they’re rested enough) because it gives you such a good sense of fulfilment when you get half of your to do list done by 9am haha! x

  8. I’m not a morning person at all but I do try and get an early start on the day. Usually that leads to an afternoon nap though.

  9. I can’t wait to hear how you do and the update! I find getting up in the morning makes me so much more productive

  10. This is an interesting study you are doing. I wonder if you will need any naps in the afternoon to compensate for your early wake-ups? Also, I wonder if it will be tricky for you to fall asleep for a while (at least in the beginning) going to bed so much earlier I would assume, than you are used to.

  11. I am NOT a morning person and I do what I call “up-winding”. I cannot just hop out of bed. I wake up, lie there and relax for a bit then get up. I applaud you. I know when I get up early I enjoy the quiet and alone, but I enjoy my sleep more LOL!

  12. This would be a hard challenge for me! I have such a hard time in the morning and really need to get my morning routine down so that I can get my day started off better and thus, be more productive and a better parent too! I will love to take this challenge

  13. I’d love to find a balance between creativity and productivity, haha! I’m a huuuge night owl but I also hate, hate, hate sleeping in too late. It sounds cliche and super procrastinator-y, but I will start on Monday!

  14. I will be interested to hear how you get on. I get up at about 6.15 at the moment and go to bed at about midnight and I know I’m not getting enough sleep and I also still don’t get everything I need done! I wish I could go to bed earlier!

  15. I am a work-at-home mom and I find it easier to work at night when everyone is asleep. It’s much calmer and I could work without much interruption. But lately I find it much healthier to sleep early and wake up in the early morning. Usually, I put my son to sleep at around 9-10pm, and I doze off myself. So, instead of waking at 12 midnight to start working I would go ahead and sleep and just wake up in the early morning.

    Just today, I woke up at 4am and that is without struggle (LOL!)

    You can do it Charlotte!

  16. OMG I am a total night owl. All my creativity comes in the shadow of the moon. But it has been so heavenly waking up early, sitting on the patio and watching the birds before 7am. Totally worth it.

  17. I need to go to bed earlier. I fell asleep at 8pm the other night and woke up refreshed! Granted I was wide awake at 4:30 but I got so much done before the kids woke up.

  18. Love your organized and mindful way to get your goals DONE! And the going to bed each night at the same time is major. I am doing that too – and when I get regular sleep it makes a major difference to my energy level!

  19. I don’t enjoy waking up early, but I definitely get a lot more done. Some mornings I get up at 3am or 4am so I can work while the house is quiet.

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