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The early bird entrepreneur challenge results are in, and I’m on the fence!

A while back I decided to brave the mornings and do the early bird entrepreneur challenge, you can read all about what that entails and why here. Quick recap for those who don’t want to read, essentially, I aimed to get up at 6am every morning for 7 days in order to improve my productivity and there is a reason they call it a challenge, so here’s how it went!

From the beginning, I had to adapt the challenge because I couldn’t even get out of bed at 6am on the first day! This obviously didn’t bode well and so for most of this challenge I have aimed to get up before 6:30am and aside from one sneaky Saturday lie in, I did! (which is an achievement in itself). So here’s the timings of each day, along with the bedtime the previous night, to give you an idea of the amount of sleep I was getting.

Wake Up Call Times

Day 1 – 6:30am up – bed prev night 10:30pm,
Day 2 – 6:15am up – bed prev night 10:30pm
Day 3 (sat) – 7:30am Up – bed prev night 11:00pm
Day 4 (sun) – 6:30am – Bed prev night 10pm
Day 5 – 6:15am – Bed Previous night 10:30pm
Day 6 – 6:15am – Bed Previous Night 10pm
Day 7 – Up 6:30am – bed prev night 12pm

So How Was It?

Hard! is the answer. BUT I have found that actually, getting up at 6:15 am is the optimum time for us and we can get an hours worth of work and productivity before starting our usual morning routine which also means we tend to be more motivated throughout the day!

On some days I managed to get a workout in which took the pressure off for the rest of the day to find time to do it and other days I stayed in bed but got almost an entire hour of work or blogging done which got me ahead of my workload. This meant I could get things completed quicker AND I took an entire weekend off because of it without getting behind!

The downside – I struggled going to bed at our usual time and on the days that the husband did it with me we had to sacrifice some of our evening time together because we were both too tired to do anything other than go to bed! When we have a newborn in the house this is probably not going to be viable as they are obviously more demanding and we will be more sleep deprived!!

The Results

Shockingly, we actually got used to it, so much so that we have been trying to get up before 6:30am each day still! Getting things done early makes things a bit less stressful or hectic during the day and means that if things happen we are more flexible. That being said, if we need a lie in or don’t want to get up then we don’t but at the moment it seems to be working which is not the early bird entrepreneur challenge result that I expected!!

Give the early bird entrepreneur challenge a try and let me know how you get on!! If I can be persuaded to get up in the morning, you will be just fine!

How did the early bird entrepreneur challenge go, what was easy, what was hard and where do we go from here? What's next.