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I have a unicorn-obsessed 3-year old right now, and for those that have a Dollar Tree (or Amazon, or Poundland) this is a cheap unicorn craft idea to keep them amused!

The end result should look something like this: (but to be honest, it’s fun to let them go wild with the glitter and the foam, so really it can look like anything!)

DIY Unicorn Craft Frame Materials

  • White Wooden Picture Frame (or you can paint one)
  • Cute unicorn printout (you can get a vector image on Canva, or free stock images!)
  • Gold Sparkle Foam
  • White Sparkle Foam
  • Pink Foam
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper Flowers
unicorn craft frame materials

How To Make Your DIY Unicorn Frame Craft

Cut out a large unicorn horn from the gold sheet, and the outline of the ears from the white foam.

Then make the ear in inserts out of the pink foam.

Top Tip: Just make sure the pink section is half the size of the white section so when you glue it onto the white section, you can still see white!

Once you have cut both sections of the unicorn ears, glue the pink section onto the white.

Then glue your unicorn horn and ears onto the picture frame.

After your unicorn horn and ears have dried, it’s time to glue on your paper flowers. I suggest laying your flowers out beforehand to figure out the perfect spacing. You don’t want too many or to run out.

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