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So, I am an adult (sort of) and I am also a lover of Disney! I am a 90’s kid with unrealistic expectations of life, I have a mermaid blanket, an Alice in wonderland pocket watch and a ton of Disney clothes it’s borderline embarrassing (not for me but apparently others! :p)

So I decided that I can’t be the only adult Disney lover out there (and if I am, then I shall retitle this as my Disney Christmas wishlist haha!) so I  thought I would put together some cool ideas for the adult Disney Lover in your life.

These are pretty good inspiration all year round and there are few Christmas specific ones but they are all cute (i’ll take them all thanks!)

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Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack

This is quite an understated version which I love because it makes it suitable for the gym, school or just an everyday bag (especially with kids, you can definitely pretend it’s theirs too!)

disney drawstring bag

Sterling Silver Mickey Mouse Pendant Necklace

A pretty but classy pendant (not a bad idea if you are in the dog house either hubby!)

disney pendant

Women’s Minnie Mouse V-Neck Set

PJ’s are an essential and I have little mermaid, 101 dalmations and Bambi ones so far so these will be a cute addition

disney pjamas

Vintage Style Mickey Mouse Face Non-Woven Tote Bag

Can’t beat a decent tote and to be honest it’s a fab shopping addition that is far more interesting to take shopping than the rubbish supernarket bags

disney tote bag

Women’s My Favorite Disney Prince Is My Husband T-Shirt

Grab a sick bucket, this is a cute one I have to say! Can’t beat a Prince Charming t-shirt

prince charming disney tshirt

Women’s Mickey Mouse Classic Animation Zip Hoodie

Hoodies are my favorite and they are definitely needed in this country as we are nearing winter at the moment!

disney womens hoodie

Donald Duck Mad Genius Ceramic Mug

For the tea lovers, this is a cool mug and is so much more fun to have around the office on your desk!

donald duck mug

Cute Mickey Mouse Flip Top Water Bottle

Loving this idea to take with me to the gym or netball training!

mickey water bottle

Gold Plated Winnie the Pooh Dangle Wire Earrings

These are so sweet and I prefer dangly earrings so these are a sweet option

Winnie the pooh earrings

Grumpy Print Green Men’s Boxer Brief Shorts

For the grumpy to your snow white, for the man in your life, first thing in the morning is always a giggle!

grumpy boxer shorts disney

Jolly Pumpkin King Sweater

I am a sucker for a Christmas jumper so if it is Disney, that is even better!jack skellington christmas jumper

Evil Queen Maleficent Queen of Hearts Ceramic Jumbo Coffee Mug

Can you tell I like mugs??? I’m not even that much of a warm drink, drinker but I have a thing about Disney mugs so here’s a jumbo size one for extra servings

jumbo disney mugs

Classic Mickey Waffle Maker

Mickey Mouse shape waffles making breakfast fun for the fussiest of kids…. or me.disney mickey mouse waffle maker

Jack Skellington Travel Coffee Mug

If you have a long commute or travel time you don’t want your tea or coffee getting cold, opt for Jack Skellington to keep it warm for younightmare before Christmas travel mug

Men’s Finding Nemo Whoa Whoa T-Shirt

I love this t-shirt, partly because it is finding Nemo and partly because it is funny enough to buy for the guy in your life and he probably won’t moan (probably).

nemo tshirt

Mickey Mug Warmer

This is a fun option for those who always forget your drink, pop it on your desk to warm it back up (or keep it warm) and let Mickey take care of you.

mickey mouse mug warmer

Disney Pixar Oval Slow Cooker

I LOVE this and it is definitely on my list this year because I need to invest in a slow cooker for meal prep! I love this Disney Pixar combo!

disnye pixar slow cooker

Disney Villains Mini Glass Set

No Disney film is complete without the villans and I love them just as much too (without them we wouldn’t have a story!) these mini glasses are cute, sweet and a little bit evil.

Disney Villain Glass Set

Little Mermaid Oval Curved Ceramic Mug

This is a wierd one because its a curved mug but the little mermaid is one of my favs so didn’t want to skip her from the list!

little mermaid oval mug

Mickey Mouse 2 Slice Toaster

Okay, it’s official, I am redesigning my kitchen as Disney themed (as if that’s the first time I have thought that!)

mickey mouse toaster

So there you have it, regardless of the occasion, there is something there for the Disney lover in all of us! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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