U.K to US cooking conversions

Cooking Conversions can be a nightmare if (like me) you find a lot of your recipes across the continents!

Before I adapt recipes I need to know the original ingredient ratios and quantities.

Not everyone uses the same measurement systems so I have to convert them. Here are the rough conversions to make multi-cultural cooking a bit easier.

*I have rounded up/down where appropriate (no one cares about decimal points anyway)*

Basic Conversions

Cooking Conversions - U.K to US Teaspoon (TSP) = 6ml

Tablespoon (TBSP) = 3 Teaspoons (18ml)

Dessertspoon (DSP) = 2 Teaspoons (12ml)

US to U.K

The US use what’s known as “cups” which can get confusing because they have dry and liquid differences in the conversion

Dry Equivalents

1 Cup = 225g (or 8oz American)

2 Cups = 450g = 1 Pound

1LB = 16OZ = 450g

1KG = 1000g

1 OZ = 28g

Liquid Equivalents

1 Fluid OZ = 30 ml

1 Cup = 8 Fluid OZ = 236ml

1 Pint = 570ml

1 Litre = 1000ml or 1 ¾ pints

1 Gallon = 4 ½ Litres = 8 Pints

If you want to pop these in your cookbook or your kitchen, then I made a handy printable for you (you’re welcome)

U.K to US Cooking Conversions printable

If I have missed any of the main ones then drop a comment below and let me know 🙂


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