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Starting a fitness journey is certainly exciting! With brand-new skills to learn, sports to enjoy, and goals to achieve, it’s perfectly understandable to be enthusiastic! Before taking the first step, however, it’s important to ensure you avoid the common fitness mistakes that can newbies commit when pursuing a fitness routine.

Common Fitness Mistakes that Beginners Make

In this article, we’ll explore six of the most prominent mistakes and show you how to be fit, healthy, and happy! 

#1 Skipping the Warm Up

It’s easy to overlook the importance of warming up. It’s easily one of the common fitness mistakes that beginners make.

When we watch our favourite sports stars achieve new PBs, win championships, and sail to glory, it all seems so easy. What we don’t see is everything that happens behind the scenes. As well as years of training, athletes spend time warming up before every session, game, or meet. 

It’s not necessary to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from warming up. It’s just as important for everyone, no matter their fitness level! In fact, a warm up is one of the best defenses against injury, by preventing muscle strain and preparing the body for exercise. 

The good news is that your warm up needn’t be complicated! A brisk walk, gentle jog, or marching on the spot is a great way to start; do this for three to five minutes.

Then, begin stretching the key muscle groups. Squats, arm circles, shoulder rolls, chest expansions, and hip and torso rotations should form the basis of your routine.

If you’re exercising one area in particular, make sure to place additional focus on those muscles. An investment of five minutes at the start of your workout will pay dividends.  

#2 Avoiding Strength Training 

A common myth is that strength training inhibits weight loss; that bulking up prevents slimming down. It’s completely false and actually turns people away from one of the most important facets of a complete fitness regime. Avoiding strength training is one of the most common fitness mistakes anyone can make.

Strength training is not the same as bodybuilding. Certainly, the former is one aspect of the latter, but not everyone who picks up a barbell will instantly transform into Arnold Schwarzenegger! 

In combination with a healthy eating and exercise plan, strength training can actually aid weight loss. It helps to build lean muscles, which increases the basal metabolic rate (BMR), meaning that your body burns more calories, even at rest! 

In addition, strength training prevents muscle weakness that can arise from a calorie deficit. It also helps to improve posture and core strength; making exercise more effective whilst preventing injury. 

strength training

Resistance training is suitable for all ages, but it’s especially recommended for those over 40, as it helps to maintain muscle strength and healthy bones in middle age and later life. 

#3 Dodging Flexibility Training 

Strength and flexibility go hand-in-hand when it comes to body conditioning, so don’t forget to include stretching exercises in your wider routine! 

You needn’t be a proficient yogi to get the most out of flexibility training. Simple stretching is incredibly beneficial in maintaining the health of your muscles. It’s also the perfect way to begin or end your day, or both! There are plenty of free YouTube videos available to guide you, from beginner level to expert. 

#4 Ignoring Your Trainer

If you’re working with a personal trainer, there can be times when their encouragement makes you want to run away rather than hit the treadmill! However, trust in their experience.

They are trained to work with you as an individual, and whilst their advice can occasionally be difficult to accept, it is given in your best interest. 

#5 Pushing Yourself Too Hard

When you’re working toward a goal, it’s very tempting to push yourself beyond your current limits to get there. We are all for challenging the comfort zone, but swinging too far in the opposite direction places excessive strain on the body, making you more susceptible to injuries.

Don’t forget; slow and steady wins the race!

#6 Believing you’re too old for exercise

The oldest marathon runner in the world, Fauja Singh, completed gruelling 26.2-mile races all the way up to his 102nd birthday. Still think you’re too old for the gym? You absolutely are not!

You are not too old to run either!

Fitness is relevant at any age, keeping you healthy right through to the autumn of life. Don’t be intimidated; you have every right to work out

Regular exercise promotes and enriches a healthy lifestyle. By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll make the most out of every workout!