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Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie

chocolate cherry protein smoothie

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I am pleased to report that I have inspired my husband to experiment with smoothies so here’s his chocolate cherry protein smoothie creation!!

As I have been freezing more and more fruit (which I discuss in my “Fun ways to use Frozen Fruit post” last week) it means he’s been eating healthier too! bonus!

What husband doesn’t understand however, is how blogging works :p I woke up one morning to find him supping down this beauty and the conversation went:

Me: “what’s that?”

Husband: ” oh I made a new flavour of smoothie – want some? – oh and I wrote the recipe down for you, you should share it, it’s really good” *looking really proud of himself at this point*

Me: “aww are the photo’s on your phone or did you use mine?”

Husband: ” erm photo’s?”


*pours what’s left in a small glass, throws some cherries on a plate – heavily edits it and hopes it’s not that noticeable!  and here it is! this all happened at 7am on a saturday morning too!”

Husbands can’t be perfect can they :p so without further ado here is my husbands “Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie



1.Blend together the banana and cherry

*if you add anymore banana to this recipe, then add double the amount of cherries (trust me the cherry flavour doesn’t go very far!)*

2. Periodically blend in the milk until you get a creamy texture

3. Once there are no lumps and it is smooth add in the protein powder and the chocolate powder (make sure it is smooth otherwise you get clumps of powder and it gets sticky!)

4. Blend together until completely mixed in.

5. Drink and enjoy

(or if you’re my husband, be accosted for photos and then enjoy)

This is a delicious recovery smoothie for after the gym or a long run, it’s not the healthiest that a cherry protein smoothie could be but it is the tastiest!

The husband also loves (and recommends) a Banana & Honey Smoothie

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