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I want a cheap summer! But with kids clubs and entertainment, peak holiday costs and everything costing money it seems impossible!

The worst part about summer is how expensive it can be with all of the trips that everyone wants to take. Either you’ve been on holiday already and spent all of your money or you are broke to begin with. Lack of money shouldn’t bring you down and you should be able to enjoy summer with everyone else, so I decided to make a list of fun things you can do with your friends that cost the least amount of money possible – fun without breaking the bank = a cheap summer, you’re welcome!

Picnic in the park

Yes it is that simple, take a ball or Frisbee and a few blankets with some pre-made sandwiches and drinks and you have the makings of a really great cheap summer afternoon! Plus you can bring any food you have lying around the house so you don’t have to buy any and parks are a great way to spend the day! You could always extend it into the evening and buy disposable grills or BBQ’s too (get permission on public – or private property first before whipping the fire hazards out) and have a frugal cookout!

Cheap ways to enjoy summer - pack a picnicWater fights

Who doesn’t love to cool down in the summer?? If you don’t have a pool or can’t afford to go to one, buy some cheap balloons, fill them up and have a fun day thrashing water at each other. Water fights are endless hours of fun without the hassle of spending loads of money to go somewhere!! (plus you can make water weapons out of anything! get some teams going too and turn it into a competition!)

water fights enjoy the summer
Photo credit: John Shedrick via Visual Hunt / CC BY

“Bring your own” garden party

The idea behind this is that you provide a venue, fun garden and some games and people bring their own alcohol and each person brings some food. If you invite about 10 people you should have enough food and drinks to go around for the evening. Provide some silly garden games or even some board games that you can play outside and once the drinks get flowing no one will care it is a cheap and cheerful bash. That’s one way to make a party from nothing!!

garden party - enjoy the summer cheaplyThe Beach

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? it’s scenic, you have the sea to keep you cool and there is usually an ice cream truck or cafe on standby and it’s completely free! hours of free fun can be had at the beach and if you are going really frugal take a packed lunch with you and avoid the high cafe prices!

Note: be careful of drinking and swimming in the sea as this can pose a safety hazard

enjoy the summer - the beachHiking or walking

There are plenty of nature walks that you can go and enjoy with your friends that cost absolutely nothing. Spend the day going on an adventure and finding new trails, plus you will be getting exercise at the same time!

Hiking adventures - enjoying the summerWhat’s your way to a cheap summer or your favorite frugal ways you enjoy it? let me know in the comments!!

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The worst part about summer is how expensive it can be. Here are some cheap summer activities for you and your friends that can save the pennies!