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So, I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge proponent of St. Patrick’s Day. I have two kids and although I love the wine, I am not quite able to keep up with the Irish drinking!

field of shamrocks

But, I know quite a few of my readers choose to celebrate the holiday (which is happening tomorrow), so I thought I would write a little about what it is, how you can celebrate and then add some funky printables at the end!

What is St. Patrick’s Day

It’s an Irish cultural holiday held each year to mark the death of one of the most notable Patron Saint’s of Ireland: Saint Patrick. Although he wasn’t actually Irish himself, Saint Patrick was responsible for converting much of Ireland to Christianity from Paganism and he became their Patron Saint.

Of course, what was once a religious holiday has now been adopted by various cultures with Irish roots and heritages and turned into a worldwide celebration!

So, how can you do this?

5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

  1. By wearing green or shamrocks – both huge Irish symbols.
  2. Host a parade or street party (or get involved with one happening near you. If you’re in the UK, check out the London St. Patrick’s Day Parade)
  3. Have your own cocktail mixing session and create signature drinks.
  4. Pub/bar crawl
  5. Cook traditional Irish food for the family

Free Printables for St. Patrick’s Day

Simply click on the photo to download the printable that you want!

Most importantly, have a great St. Patrick’s Day! 

green irish drink

it's time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a brief understanding of what it is, why we celebrate. 5 things you can do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and some freebies to see you through. #free printable #freebies #stpatricksday

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