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The 12 Days Of Fitmas - Day 12

The 12 Days Of Fitmas – Day 12

IT’S THE END OF THE 12 DAYS OF FITMAS!  and we are going out with a bang! Hopefully you are feeling less sluggish and have started your new years resolution the right way! No Guilt for you!  It’s the last one! (did I mention that) so we are going all out with a hardcore plyometric […] Read more…

The 12 Days of Fitmas - Day 7 - pinnable Image

The 12 Days Of Fitmas – Day 7

IT’S NEW YEARS EVE!! In the spirit of prepping for tonight, today’s workout is plyometric based! – to find out more on plyometrics and how they can help strengthen you I have written a handy post about it, aptly titled “The Power Of Plyometrics“ I hope you have a happy and safe New Years and […] Read more…

The 12 Days of Fitmas - Day 6

The 12 Days Of Fitmas – Day 6

NEW YEAR IS ALMOST HERE! HALFWAY  – keep going, you’re doing great! you will probably be noticing a difference by now in your performance! – are you getting better? How are you feeling? if you are sore or achy try to stretch or foam roll your muscles!  Today’s workout is going to get your blood […] Read more…

The 12 days of fitmas badge

The 12 Days of Fitmas – Christmas Fitness Challenge

Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and being merry but if I don’t do something (anything) fitness-wise I feel really sluggish and regret it when the new year comes! I know 10 star jumps are not the equivalent to the massive piece of cake I’m having for pudding BUT it’s better than nothing! So […] Read more…

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