pregnant yoga mother staying active and healthy during pregnancy

Ways To Stay Healthy & Have An Active Pregnancy (+Infographic)

Having an active pregnancy is something I purposefully aimed for this time around. This is how I did it, as well as some of the tips to stay healthy! Staying active during pregnancy is one of the things I attribute to such a speedy recovery and good C-section experience. Also as I was a parent […] Read more…

running track going off into foggy distance with text overlay - be your own personal trainer and tailor workouts yourself

Be Your Own Personal Trainer & Tailor Workouts Yourself

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer and as amazing as they are, you need to learn to tailor workouts yourself if you want to progress without one! You should always ask a professional, if you can afford it. But if you can’t here are some ways you can tailor workouts yourself. This can be […] Read more…