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7 Tips for Exercising Couples

Working out is good for your health, but what makes it a lot better is working out with your significant other: the one that you wake up to each morning, eat with, and sleep with. They give you that extra boost and motivation to reach your fitness goals. Having a gym partner you genuinely enjoy […] Read more…

6 Tips on Finding the Right Fitness Class for You

What is fitness? When we talk about fitness, we don’t only refer to being physically fit or having toned muscles and abs. The mental state of a person is also included in fitness. When a person looks fit but is mentally troubled, that person still won’t be able to properly function. And the only way […] Read more…

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How To Stay Fit When Travelling

Travelling doesn’t have to mean the end of your fitness goals! I understand the issues and constraints of traveling and staying fit at the same time but I am definitely not an authority on the subject. Although when I go on holiday I like to workout traveling further distances can cause more problems with fitness and […] Read more…

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