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The Pro’s And Cons Of A Cat Water Fountain

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I have to admit the husband was right about getting a cat water fountain

I was against the idea, thinking it was a waste of money, they would never use it and it was one of those novelty things that spoilt pets get. Turns out this was one of the very very very rare occasions he was right! After relenting and being worn down over this fountain I bought one, if only to prove my point in how little they would use it (I had already planned how I was going to celebrate my victory.)

And then, as if just to spite me, all of The Toolbox Kitties love it! Until now, only one of our cats would drink from a bowl and the rest would wait in the bathroom by the sink or bath meowing until we would turn the tap on, they would all drink and then wait until the next time. This would happen regardless of whether they had fresh water or not and several times a day (they’re lucky I work from home really.)

Although difficult, I know that my cats aren’t the only ones that don’t like drinking from the bowl! and here are some of the reasons why:

Why Cats May Not Like Drinking From The Bowl:

With this in mind, you may want to consider buying a water fountain which can alleviate some of these problems. Here are the pros and cons of getting one that we have found.

Pros/Cons Of Water Fountain



The Verdict:

This is the fountain we went for (Affiliate):

For us, a cat water fountain is perfect and I am safe in the knowledge that they are all well hydrated (and to their liking). The husband was definitely right, and I was wrong (there it’s publicly stated) and I no longer have to get up and down turning the taps on and off which is a bonus! It would definitely suit those with fussy cats or if you are out at work all day to keep fresh, clean water available. One point to note is that if you don’t want the cost straight away, try out some of my other tactics first as it may be positioning or bowl type that could be the problem.

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How Do Your Cats Drink? Do you have, or are thinking about getting a cat water fountain? 

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