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Cake in the post with Baker Days & The Mummy Toolbox
“Good things come to those who bake”

In this house cake doesn’t last long! so you can imagine our delight when we were approached by Baker Days to “Sample” (stuff our face) with a cake from their letterbox cake range which meant having it delivered through the letterbox with absolutely no effort whatsoever! (it tastes good already)

Onto the Review… now I have to mention here that my husband is a foodie – he would divorce me and marry food instead if he could! so, any food related reviews have to include him otherwise he hovers like a toddler trying to pick off the plate – so we let him join in this one and give his opinion too!

How Does It Look?

Cake in the post with Baker Days & The Mummy ToolboxThe fondant icing had a smooth finish and the printing was clear with rich colour! because I am cheeky I asked for a “The Mummy Toolbox” cake and they really delivered (haha literally).

It looks amazing and the design team did a great job incorporating the logo and my signature purple and white! – the stars were a nice touch too so thanks guys!

There are other options available such as personalisation, photo cakes and specific occasion images too. I love the personal touch that I got with mine and how great they were at taking a concept and coming up with something (I wasn’t very helpful – sorry!)

Also the tin it comes in is a really sweet addition and protects the cake perfectly, if there was a knock or bump in transit I couldn’t tell because it was very neatly packaged.

(Side note: I am saving this tin and it will probably appear in other pictures – i’m not sorry!)

I would love to know what you think of how it looks in the comments section (below)!

How Does It Taste?

How does it taste? - Cake in the post with Baker Days
Before it was demolished!

The Mummy Toolbox Verdict!

Eating the cake - Cake in the post with Baker Days & The Mummy Toolbox
Looks Good Enough to Eat

We got vanilla flavour sponge and really enjoyed it! I was pleasantly surprised because I wasn’t sure how “posted” cake was going to taste!

The icing was really filling  which is great because it is a small cake (it has to fit in the letterbox obviously) so you still feel like you get a decent slice.

The ratio of icing to sponge is perfect so you don’t get too much of one or the other too.

The sponge is a bit plain so we thought it could do with some kind of layer of jam in between somewhere to add something extra because that’s what you kind of expect.

Overall Tasty Score: 8 out of 10

*Some other sponge options you could choose are: chocolate, fruit, half & half or gluten/dairy free*

The “Cakespert” verdict! 

My husband is a self named “Cakespert” (cake + expert) so he had to weigh in “to make it fair” (apparently) and his comments (between mouthfuls) were:

“ooo I like the icing – 8/9 out of 10”

“It’s a nice dense sponge and moist too which I didn’t expect”

Overall Tasty Score: 9/10 – “slice me another bit wench” (after he realised what a mistake calling me a wench was – we continued with the review :p)

The Best Bits

Cake in the post with Baker Days & The Mummy ToolboxThe delivery is one of the major perks! if you order before 2pm (6 days a week) you can get it for the next day which is very helpful if you’ve forgotten an event. Plus if you order a week in advance the delivery is FREE! (which is perfect for the more organised types)

What I love about these is that they are small and low key but a thoughtful way to show someone you haven’t forgotten about them (birthday, get well soon etc) without the normal annoyance of having to go out, choose a cake, transport transport it and then have leftovers because there was only two of you. Also great for the hermit in your life! – they last 14 days so that’s pudding for a few days for them (I haven’t verified this because ours didn’t last 14 hrs let alone 14 days)

Personalisation! you could have a cake for literally any occassion and that makes it perfect for everyone! can’t make it to a wedding or a birthday? this would be a really fun way to say “sorry we can’t make it” and the fact it’s cake makes people more likely to forgive you.

Gluten free/Dairy free options for the sponge make it accessible for those with intolerance’s which is so helpful and inclusive which isn’t usually an option!

The Downside

It’s UK/Ireland delivery only which means all of my lovely readers abroad are missing out! (there is hope that as the company grows it will expand to outside the UK – fingers crossed)

If there is more than three or four of you this cake won’t work because it is only 3-4 servings (it’s about 3 decent servings) but considering it’s not aimed at “parties” I am not entirely convinced this is a bad point – but it was worth a mention!


Cake in the post with Baker Days & The Mummy Toolbox
Opening The Cake

We loved it so much we have ordered a personalized photograph one for the little monsters birthday! (which I will obviously write about when the time comes) So we would definitely recommend!

It might be a bit more expensive than a store bought cake (£14.99) but the personalisation, convenience and taste really make it worth it (in our opinion)

Who are Baker Days?

“A small, young business founded by Andrea Guzyova and greeting card entrepreneur Alan Hawkes, who have a passion for cakes (mainly eating them) and have a knack of creating the perfect cake design for every occassion.”
Based in Ollerton, North Nottingham, you can tell they take great pride in offering the best possible service to their customers with every cake being hand finished by one of their design team.

Cake in the post with Baker Days & The Mummy Toolbox

How & Where Can You Get One? – They are also on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Right now (11/1/2016) we are having a giveaway on The Mummy Toolbox where you could win any flavour or design of letterbox cake you want*! So if you are in the UK/Ireland why not enter our giveaway!

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*Checkout the Terms & Conditions on the giveaway page

*We recieved the letterbox cake for the purpose of review but all thoughts, opinions and love are honest and my own – for more info visit my Disclosure Policy*

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  1. I think this is such a fab idea. I have a friend who lives hours away but we keep in regular contact and are always sending each other presents so this would be perfect as her birthday’s coming up. Fab review. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

  2. I got my son a personalised West Ham cake from Bakerdays last year – he totally loved it! It is his birthday coming up and I told him I was going to bake his cake this year and he was so upset – he wants another Bakerdays one!

    • haha I think i’ve let myself in for it! I got one for my son and he loved it so much he doesn’t want any of mine he wants one with his face and dinosaurs on it! thanks for linking up x

  3. This is such a lovely idea! I love cake and am often sad I can’t make cakes from friends and family back in Essex. This would be a great thing to do for birthdays! Love how it looks and is presented too! #yumtum

  4. I reviewed one of their Christmas cakes before Christmas and was really impressed at the flavour, the image and the lovely little tin it arrived it. A fantastic product, imho!

  5. What a great idea, I love the fact that they were able to pop your blog design on the cake so apparently easily – and to have that done and delivered the next day if you order by 2PM is amazing! I too would keep the tin it was delivered in – I have a stash of pretty tins from sweets and biscuits etc which I use to keep ribbon and buttons in etc! Waste not and all that! #YumTum
    Angela x

  6. I LOVE these Baker Days letterbox cakes. I got one as a Christmas card from my bestie and I agree, they are very tasty! #MarvMondays

  7. I love the cake with the logo of your blog!! It looks amazing!!! Such a great idea!! I have heard a lot of these cakes but I haven’t had the chance to try them myself!! I can see that you really enjoyed it!!! Lovely review!! 🙂 xx

  8. Half and half is a fab idea! For different tastes or just greedy peeps like me! I’m also a cakespert! Where did your husband train 🙂 #MarvMondays

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