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The Best Laid Plans…My Injury

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How true this is!

Many of you will know (or seen) I have recently fractured my ankle playing netball (I only got about 2 minutes of game time too!! boo!) – it was an all round ouch! I waited to write this post until I knew the full extent of what I have done and the recovery required  and in the mean time I have done some A+ moaning about it.

What I have done (Update):

After my latest appointment things actually started to look up when I was told that I have a “stable fracture” meaning that it wouldn’t take as long in a cast (only 4-6 weeks woop woop) However they then told me it is going to take around 12 months before I can play netball or run properly again which is a real pain considering!

The different stages so far…

I’m not going to lie it has put me on a serious downer and has impacted every single part of my life in some way so far…

  • I like to plan my blog posts for the month – this month they were all fitness and running related (0_0 naturally) so they will now be injury and recovery related (must get thinking cap on)
  • I had sporting events planned for the entire summer running season – 14 x 10k’s, 2x half marathons, a netball tour and two netball summer seasons – none of those will be happening and I will be in plaster for most of the events during summer (and physio/recovery for the rest)
  • I was going abroad this year (first time in 3 years) but since I will still have a cast on and won’t be able to swim (and will literally be like boil in a bag cast) i’ve decided to give that a miss too until I can really enjoy it.
  • Parkrun’s , swimming and weekend run’s as a family are also out
  • The nursery trip that we walk 3 times a week (it’s about 2 and a half miles) is also out.

Overall it has been a pretty crappy couple of weeks and I am a bit of a dolly downer on the subject! The joy of blogging is that I can write all about it – (what else am I going to do? i’m in bed for about 12 hours a day at least so far!)

I can’t promise this will be the last negative post on the subject, but I can promise they won’t all be this moany :p I know it could be worse – and I know that some people have it harder than me, but it hurts and i’m angry so I am going to moan anyway! Being thankful is tomorrow’s goal – today it’s being a moany cow!

Rant over (I hope)

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