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Long runs are my favourite at the moment ( not that I get much time for them currently) but with a toddler and other life commitments I have to come home, shower and then resume the day to day activities that I have going on! In order to avoid the 4 oclock need for a nap after I have gone for a run I have noticed that it all comes down to refueling myself appropriately with after run food.

After Run Food

So here are some of my favourite ways to regain some of the energy I have lost after a decent run or workout session

‘Long’ Fruit juice

What I mean by this is one third of fruit juice to two thirds water – I love coming home and replenishing the vitamin and electrolyte stores, and fruit juice is the natural way to go if you aren’t interested in paying premium prices for sports drinks! I combine fruit juice and water to re-hydrate whilst avoiding “runner’s tummy” and irritating my stomach straight after a long run 9they are sensitive you know)

Energy bites

I like to mix it up and use different recipes to give myself a decent energy boost – Kitchen Takeovers shared a great and healthy energy bite recipe that allows for good protein and energy intake whilst tasting really good (plus they are in small sizes to avoid upsetting the stomach again!)


These are quick and easy to make (particularly scrambled) and are packed full of protein – you can even pre boil some eggs and leave them in the fridge ready for when you get home.