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This 20 minute (ish) beginner HIIT workout is designed to fit in around your busy day whilst still getting the most out of your time. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves alternating short periods of hard effort with short periods of recovery. This form of exercise is great for burning calories in a short amount of time and even works to keep your metabolism up for the rest of the day! (what more could you ask for?)

Beginner HIIT Workout

Star Jumps 30 seconds, Squats 30 Seconds

1 Minute Rest

High Knees 30 Seconds, Lunges 30 seconds

1 Minute Rest

Tuck Jumps 30 Seconds, Punches 30 Seconds

2 Minute Rest

Do Three Rounds

Total Time = 21 Minutes

Things to remember:

  • Squats – Don’t let your knees go over your toes. If they are, stick your bottom out a bit or widen your stance.
  • Lunges – Keep your chin up and back straight, bend the knees until they are at a rough 90 degree angle. Do not let your knee go over your toes!
  • Punches – keep your back straight and use your hips to rotate into the punch – Put some effort in!

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