photo-4Netball popularity is increasing (Girl Power!) and since 2010 there has been a new way for oldies and newbies to get back to the game that they enjoyed playing in their youth. (click for some interesting netball history)

I played netball in High School and loved it! There’s a great sense of comradery (as with most team sports) but since netball is played by predominantly women there’s a real sisters in arms vibe and you’re a bit closer in general (anyone got any tampons? With at least 7 in a team the odds are forever in your favour :p)

I joined a club for a more competitive game and again I loved it! but as usual life gets in the way and I had to move away from the club and all my girls. So fast forward to 2013 (5 Years Later) and I was looking for the team spirit again and this is what back to netball is all about. I am passionate about it because it gave me the tools to succeed in other areas and as I am competitive (maybe a little too competitive) I wanted to be better and improve for my team mates.

So here comes the sales pitch…

What Is It?
It is exactly as it sounds – A way to get back to netball, it is a way to play a friendly game, learn some skills, get a bit fitter and the likelihood is you’ll end up having a few drinks and a great new group of friends.

Who Is It for?
Everyone. Literally. I have played with 18 – 60 year olds at varying standards, in tournaments and friendlies and everyone is well supported and can play their own game.

Do I need Experience?
Nope. If you do then great, but if not you’ll find a great group of people willing to teach you and help you improve.

But I don’t exercise?
Pfft. Most of us don’t when we first start! It’s a great way to get fitter and learn a new game at the same time – what’s not to love!?

How much does it cost?
This varies club to club but in my experience it’s anywhere between £2.50 – £6 per session. You can usually get discounts for booking many sessions at once and a lot of clubs will do a pay monthly amount for you regulars.

I can’t commit every week?
That is also fine, it’s about getting back to netball not becoming a top class athlete (we all have lives too ) but I guarantee once you get the buzz you’ll try and get there every week (I ran there in the snow once :p )

Where do I sign up?
Use the Session Finder on the England Netball Website

received_10152845496889280More questions?

I think I’ve covered everything but just in case here’s the Back to Netball website for England Netball.