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Back to Netball is a fantastic game that it appears not many people have heard of. It’s an opportunity for oldies and newbies to play netball as adults in social league games and matches. It’s been available since 2010 and netball is growing in popularity.

I have always enjoyed netball, I played in high school, joined a club to play competitively and loved it. But as usual, life got in the way and I had to move away from my club and team. Fast forward to 2013 (5 years later) and I was looking for the team spirit again and found Back to Netball. It helped me lose a ton of weight and gain some friends for life! So I thought I would answer some of the common questions I get asked about Back to Netball.

What Is Back to Netball?

It is exactly as it sounds – A way to get back to netball. It’s a way to play a friendly game, learn some skills, get a bit fitter and the likelihood is you’ll end up having a few drinks and a great new group of friends.

Who Is Back to Netball for?

Everyone. Literally. I have played with 18 – 60+ year olds at varying standards, in tournaments and friendlies and everyone, is well supported and can play their own game.

Do I need experience playing netball before?

Nope. If you do then great, but if not you’ll find a great group of people willing to teach you and help you improve.

Do I need to exercise before attending Back to Netball?

Pfft. Most of us don’t when we first start! It’s a great way to get fitter and learn a new game at the same time – what’s not to love!?

How much does Back to Netball cost?

This varies from club to club but in my experience, it’s anywhere between £2.50 – £6 per session. You can usually get discounts for booking many sessions at once and a lot of clubs will do a pay monthly amount for regulars.

What if I can’t commit to every week?

That is also fine, it’s about getting back to netball not becoming a top class athlete (we all have lives too) but I guarantee once you get the buzz you’ll try and get there every week (I ran there in the snow once!)

Where do I sign up for Back to Netball?

Use the Session Finder on the England Netball Website

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