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That’s it, just what it says on the tin! Nothing fancy just another bun in the oven for us here at The Mummy Toolbox and we are definitely excited!

Another bun in the oven for us over at The Mummy Toolbox and we are excited! Here's how we "decided" to brave another and get lucky!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that we are expecting a bundle, but I thought I would give a little back story! (any excuse to post on here!)

baby announcement

Up until 6 months ago husband and I had categorically refused all ideas of giving the toddler a sibling and quite often we laughed at the mere idea of adding to the clan. We had plenty of excuses and quite honestly, we were right! We didn’t have enough space, or money, or time (all of the things that babies need) and we weren’t ready to give up our freedom to a screamy pink thing for a second time running.

However, when the toddler started school, we suddenly forgot how difficult babies were and how wonderful sleep is, along with how nice it is to have a tidy house that doesn’t have nappies smelling out the bin. All of this was completely forgotten and we decided to try for another one and it seems we were very fortunate because 3 days later, bada-bing, bada-boom it began.

baby announcement

Telling the toddler about the idea of a sibling was one of the best parts up until he decided it was such a good idea that he now wants 4 brothers AND 4 sisters and seems to think you can just order in bulk and out they come. He has been informed that there will be 1 brother OR sister and that is final!

Having been to the first scan we discovered I was only 8 weeks along rather than 12 (lucky, irregular me) so even though we saw the heartbeat we had to wait to announce. That being said it was pretty hard to keep quiet over Christmas, especially due to the lack of wine I was (uncommonly) drinking and so we let slip to a few (thousand) people!

baby announcement


After the normal first scan apprehensions we have found that everything looks great and normal, and the kid is already planning the genius schemes as it was holding its own hands during the scan (nothing like starting the self-soothing early!).  Heartbeat strong and healthy so it is definitely time to announce. So here we are: Ta-Da!!



We are very excited and can’t wait for July 2017 when we can add another addition to the family!

*On another plus side, it also looks like I will be getting to cover pregnancy and baby related topics too on the blog which is new for me as well so pluses all round!!*


19 comments on “TMT Baby No 2. Announcement”

  1. Congratulations on your new addition! I had a similar thing happen with the date mixup and my third baby. The only problem was we announced it thinking I was futher along than I was. That pregnancy seemed so much longer than my others!

  2. Omg congrats on baby number two!!!!! Y’all
    Must be so excited. Can’t wait to see pics of this new bundle of joy!

  3. Yay!!!! So exciting! I hope you are feeling good. I had morning sickness so bad the first half of each of my pregnancies. But the joy of bringing a new baby into the family was sooo worth it!

  4. Congratulations!! I say do it all at once! Then when they all sleep you get to sleep too! My brother had his second child when his son turned 6. Just when they were getting used to sleeping again. LOL

  5. Congrats!! That is so exciting! I hope you find some time to sleep!! And find yummy tasting coffee for when you can’t. Enjoy them while they’re young! They grow up super fast!

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