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Ah pregnancy, the time of magical goings on, plenty of stress and drama and no alcohol to help deal!!

I wouldn’t call myself a heavy drinker, during the week I will have some wine here or there but on the weekends is where I really shine (or used to!) Now I am in the stage of incubator-ness I choose to be alcohol-free as recommended. Although I don’t miss the alcohol per se, I do miss the social aspect as well as some of the tastes! I love cocktails and fruity drinks (and obviously wine) and so for me, that’s the hardest part about alcohol-free drinking!

So, as all women do, I searched for some fab drinks I could get behind while pregnant. Obviously, we are a big fan of smoothies and they are really delicious so I have been experimenting outside of the week’s worth of smoothie recipes I have posted before and went on the hunt for some mocktails that can make me feel included next time I am at a function. If you are hosting a party, give a thought to the alcohol-free drinkers who may like a more interesting option than juice or water (pleaseeee!) trust me, they will really appreciate it.

So whether you are hosting a non-drinker, pregnant lady, kids or are looking for some fun drinks to try out without booze in them, here’s a fab list to start you off!

Virgin sangria

Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas for the Mamas

Hibiscus Lime Cooler with Coconut Water

Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas for the Mamas

Cotton Candy Mocktail

Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas for the Mamas

1…2…3 Banana and Honey Smoothie

1,2,3 Banana & Honey Smoothie - Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas for the Mamas

Grapefruit Ginger Lemonade

Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas for the Mamas

Papaya Lemonade

Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas for the Mamas

Frosty Hawaiian Mocktail


Frosty Coconut Mint Green Tea Mocktail

Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas for the Mamas

Virgin Bloody Mary


Fresh Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

fresh strawberry mojito mocktail non-alcoholic

Strawberry Candy Corn Mocktail 


Hopefully, you have some new recipes, or at least some alcohol-free inspiration to see you through! Check out the Recipe Index for all of the Toolbox recipes and collaborations as well as the Clean Eating Index if you are feeling like something healthy!

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Ah pregnancy, the time of growth and relaxation, but not booze. In case you are feeling a little left out, here are some alcohol-free drinks for the mamas.