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Working out is good for your health, but what makes it a lot better is working out with your significant other: the one that you wake up to each morning, eat with, and sleep with. They give you that extra boost and motivation to reach your fitness goals. Having a gym partner you genuinely enjoy spending time with also helps making time pass easier in the gym.

But no matter how rosy the picture is, chances are, you and your partner have different workout preferences in mind. Regardless of that, differences in preferences can be good, as you can learn new techniques from each other, making your relationship stronger and better.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time spent together exercising as a couple:

Make a plan

Plan in advance what you and your partner want to achieve when you get to the gym. Each of you has their own fitness goals in mind. So make sure to include what both of you want and compromise.

Know your levels

Knowing where you and your partner are in your workout level is essential in building a better workout routine that works for both of you. Don’t make it a competition; each of you has your own set of limits, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate gymer, or a pro. Always stay within your limits just to be safe.

Don’t be their personal coach

No one wants to work out with someone who constantly nitpicks, nags, and is all up in their space when doing their workout routine. Being supportive is great for couples who want to try new things, but make it a point to give your partner some breathing space..

Don’t be embarrassed

Stretch those muscles out; don’t be too caught up in your head on how good you look. Remember that you are with your partner who truly loves you. You don’t necessarily have to make a big effort to impress your partner; just do your best and don’t feel embarrassed when you mess up your routine.

Make it a date

Finding quality time together is hard to find these days, especially with the busy schedule that you and your partner have. However, if workouts are a big part of your life, make it a point to enjoy your time together in the gym. Consider it a date, albeit in a non-romantic setting. Not only does it make your relationship stronger, it also makes your sex life better.

Don’t make out in the gym

We get it, you feel great, you look great, and you feel sexually pumped. Unfortunately, no one ever came to the gym to see couples making out. Touching and having a little fun is okay, but remember to keep it at a minimum and be decent. Keep that kind of workout where it’s appropriate.

Have fun

Explore different classes together, try out different workout routines, and just have fun. However, it’s all too easy to lose focus on your partner while trying out new things in the gym, so remember to be mindful of your partner as well. Don’t just use your partner as a spotter. Having fun will make your workout less stressful.

Remember that your workouts are spent together with your partner, the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with. So don’t try to control their workout or make it a competition; instead, focus on supporting each other and helping them get through the workout with ease. The key to successful exercising as a couple is maintaining a fun and vibrant ambiance.