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Let’s be real with each other for a moment. Bath time isn’t always the most enjoyable time of the day for children or parents. Children tend to fight bath time for many different reasons, and as parents, it’s up to us to try to figure out a way. Do they not like water? Do they just not want to stop playing long enough to take a quick bath?

Trying to figure out why can be a bit maddening at times. Don’t children understand that bath time can actually be a really relaxing moment in their day? More than likely, probably not. Think about the last time that your child willingly took a bath. Even the mention of the word “bath” may have sent your child running and screaming from the room. Does every time a bath is needed have to be so dramatic? There are ways to try to help make bath time more of an enjoyable experience for your child!

5 Ways to Make Bath Time More Enjoyable for Your Child

Fill that bath full of bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Children love bubbles! Truth be told, you probably love bubbles just as much! Why not make bath time fun for your little one and fill that tub full of bubbles that they can enjoy? There’s no harm in a tub full of bubbles, right? And it’s a way to get your child into the tub AND actually stay in the tub long enough to get that dirt and grime scrubbed off them. Sounds like a solid plan to give a go!

Buy colour-changing tablets to make their bath water fun and intriguing

Yes, there are such things as colour-changing tablets that can actually turn the water blue, green, red, and yellow. There is no way that your child won’t want to get into a bathtub full of green water! Don’t worry, it doesn’t change the color of their skin or stain the tub in any way. It’s just a fun way to help them be intrigued to hop in the tub. Make certain that the colour-changing tablets that you buy are safe and non-toxic as you don’t want to put anything in the water that isn’t safe for your little one!

Let them bring their toys with them to the tub

Why not let them have some playtime in the tub? Grab a book and sit next to them while they play the night away in the tub with a few of their favourite toys. It’s a great way for them to wash up and get some good imaginary time as well. And the extra bonus? Their toys are getting a bit of a clean up as well!

Set a timer

If your little one fights you constantly on taking a bath, why not make it a bit more of a game for them? Be safe, of course, and be with them during this time, but tell them that their bath time is going to be only 3 minutes long. They have to be able to get in the bath, wash up, soap up, scrub up, rinse out, get out, and dry off all before those 3 minutes are up. Stand by them and be with them so that you can help as needed and watch them giggle as they strive to beat the bath time clock. 

Let them scribble on the walls with some fun finger paints and crayons that are washable

There are so many great products out on the market now that it seems silly to not take advantage of them. Did you know that they make finger paints for the tub and crayons too? Let your child channel their inner artist and have them make fun drawings on the tub wall. They’ll get a kick out of being able to draw on a surface that can be cleaned and fresh to start over on next bath time.

Have fun being creative in ways to make bath time more enjoyable for your little one. Try some of the suggestions above to see if that helps them have more fun and get excited next time it’s their turn for a bath. If they aren’t digging any of those ideas, why not ask them what they would like during bathtime?

They may have a simple solution as well that could be implemented immediately for all to be able to work together for a much happier bath time for your child.