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While it is true that any type of physical exercise is better than no exercise at all, it is also true that following a workout schedule can become a deciding factor in your toning up or weight loss success recipe.

workout plan

Hopping on the cardio machine for a couple of minutes, trying out all the available machines, and maybe throwing in some abdominal crunches to complete the routine will more than likely result in a quick burnout due to lack of results. Achieving your goals greatly depends on key aspects such as efficiency, consistency, frequency, patience, and determination.

5 Reasons a Workout Plan Will Help You Achieve Your Goals


Life is unpredictable. That’s an undeniable fact. However, we always find a way to make it to important events or doctor appointments. So make sure to use the same criteria when scheduling your workouts. Reaching your goals requires constant effort and determination. A walk in the park after dinner will temporarily alleviate guilt, but it won’t help you get the craved 6-pack abs or melt away that stubborn belly fat. So make sure to schedule specific workout days and times and try to stick to the plan.


We have already established that fitting the workout schedule around your other commitments plays a crucial role. However, a few crunches once a week won’t help you reach your goals. If you take toning up or slimming down seriously, you need to understand that you MUST work out at least 4-5 days every week. Less than that is only suitable for maintenance.


Luckily, research in the fields of weight loss and exercise has come a long way. So why not take advantage of already proven formulas? Fitness experts can guide you through the whole process, tweaking workout frequency, nutrition, and intensity and adapting the workout routine to your specific needs and goals.

What’s more, workout plans prevent under and over-training. Without a clear plan to follow, you might find yourself doing too much cardio or training a specific body part too much…or not enough.

A workout plan prevents burnout

Nothing is worse than feeling that you are wasting your time. Workout plans provide a clear guideline on what to do next: what exercise to focus on, how many sets etc. If you stick to the plan, you will see results. However, keep in mind that there is no magic recipe for effortless and immediate results. You have to put in a lot of effort and, above all, be patient.

A workout plan provides goals and enhance motivation

Workout plans provide an automatic goal: complete the entire workout plan. Many people take this even further and break down their workout plans in daily or weekly goals. Each day they complete their workout routine feels like a small victory, thus enhancing motivation.

Can you imagine which workout plan works best? Yes, you got it right: the one you manage to complete!