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Add these skin care gym essentials to your after workout routine and avoid the need for lots of work later!

fingers wiping face with cotton wool pad, 3 skincare gym essentials for after a workout

So, you’ve just done a killer workout in the gym and you hit the showers! it’s tempting to just get dressed, go home and get some dinner in you BUT taking care of your skin is important and doing one or two things before you leave saves you from having to use a whole host of products later!

Baby Wipes (fragrance-free preferably)

Since becoming a parent I have realised how essential baby wipes are to my life! there are so many uses for them. Now I don’t wear makeup to the gym (I don’t wear much make-up at all usually) so I don’t have the problem of having it streaming down my face looking like a panda! if YOU do then I suggest fragrance-free baby wipes – cheap and cheerful and do the trick! plus they are great for the skin (if it’s good enough for baby’s bottom it’s good enough for your leftover mascara!).

Plus these are handy to keep in your gym bag for any manner of spills, marks or cleaning that need to happen! including when your hands get grimy from holding on to the heart rate monitor too long!! eww

skin care gym essentials, baby wipes

Cleansing Pads

I don’t really have the space for face wash in my bag or the inclination to start exfoliating in the gym showers so I usually keep that at home. Instead, I take toning/cleaning wipes – things like Clearasil or pre-soaked pads, so you just grab one, go and dispose of it! These are a godsend when you need to go somewhere after the gym and don’t have time to properly wash the workout grime off your face before applying makeup!


I find since starting swimming again I have found that it really dries up the skin, as does a lot of sweating! so a good moisturiser is a definite must-have for after the gym! You could wait until you get home but some of the damage has already been done by then!


What are your skincare gym essentials in your kit bag?

You've just done a killer workout at the gym, don't forget to take care of your skin too! make sure you have these 3 skin care gym essentials in your bag.

31 comments on “3 Skin Care Gym Essentials For After A Workout”

  1. Wow I never even thought about these! I usually just jump in the shower and get on with my night time beauty routine! This is great! I’ll have to try these after the gym!

  2. These are great essentials! I know that my skin definitely takes a toll after I have been working out.

  3. I always felt skin care was so important after a gym session. My skin would always break out if I didn’t wash up or shower soon after a gym session.

  4. With the summer coming soon I do need to get some facial wipes. I tend to sweat so much and breakout like crazy!

  5. I workout at home so I don’t have to worry about looking like a panda after my workouts. I only have to worry about being red in the face ,which is something I’ve always dealt with, even when I was working out at the gym. I always removed my makeup or didn’t wear any as I think you should let your skin breathe. If I was going to the gym now I would bring my Pacifica makeup wipes and deodorant wipes, as well as a facial spray to refresh my skin till I get home.

  6. Baby wipes are like my duct tape. They are good for everything! I need to get some cleansing pads for the gym though. I always forget those and they would make life so easy.

  7. Really great tips. Having Makeup and Baby Wipes in your bag is always a smart idea. This way you’ll never worry about not feeling crean or fresh.

  8. Baby wipes are awesome to always have on you. I have a baby now, but even before he was born and when my daughter was far from in diapers, I would carry baby wipes with me just in case. They are great for so much!

  9. It’s good to have little containers for all of your gym essentials so you don’t have to bring bulky products when you work out. These are definitely a must have! Especially the wipes!

  10. I always tend to come home and shower/ do my skincare routine after going to the gym as I’m lucky to live so close to mine. Moisturizer is a must though x

  11. Great article. I tend to just jump in the shower after the gym to freshening myself up. When I use to go swimming I would use body lotion after to stop my skin drying out. xx

  12. These are awesome tips! I am working on finding gym times during my busy schedule and sometimes that means squeezing a trip into my day on my lunch break so these tips are perfect timing for me! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Baby wipes are such a great idea! Easy to take a few in a bag and have on hand and throw out when you are all done.Thanks for all the great info!

  14. My youngest daughter is 7 and we still buy and use baby wipes. They really come in handy. I never thought of bringing them to the gym.

  15. I am so not good at caring for my skin. I am starting to use either shea butter or coconut oil to help with my dry skin problems.

  16. Moisturizing is a major step to be mindful of! Especially after swimming – thats really drying on your skin. I am all about toners and serums and moisturizers! Bring it all on!

  17. Well, I live right up the street from my gym, so I go home to shower. I love that I don’t have to lug a whole bag of stuff with me 🙂

  18. Cleansing pads are a must! I also love to carry a dry shampoo with me. It really helps me feel cleaner when I’m done if I don’t have time to dry my hair.

  19. Thanks for sharing this ! I’m a bit lazy when it comes to moisturize after the shower…so i better do it now after reading this !

  20. Great article! I hadn’t even thought that sweating could dry out skin, but it makes so much sense that it would!!

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