Month: February 2016

woman under a natural wooden hose fountain with grass background washing forearms

How To Detox Skin Naturally Without Products

Detox skin naturally without spending fortunes on the latest products, fads or crazes! Skin Breakouts and spots are something that we all have to deal with at one time or another and although there are loads of products out there that can help, there are some ways that you can naturally reduce the likelihood of […] Read more…

Valentine’s Day 10k 2016 P.B Recap

So this Valentine’s Day was a bit different because I decided to start my 10K season early with a new event that I’ve never tried before!…  here’s how I got on! Name: Valentine’s 10K (V10k) Where: Chessington, Greater London   Distance: You guessed it – 10K   Organiser: 26.2 Road Runners Club Surbiton My Time: 51:40 […] Read more…

woman sitting at a desk holding coffee looking at computer with text overlay - are you injuring yourself by sitting feature

Are You Injuring Yourself By Sitting?

Are you causing injury or hindering your fitness progression by sitting too much? Exercising is great for your health, improving your overall fitness and well-being, plus it works wonders for the mind too! However, you could be hindering your own progress and even injuring yourself by not keeping active enough at work or during the day. […] Read more…

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