Month: January 2016

woman running through the grass with clear blue sky above

Teach Yourself To Enjoy Running

How do you enjoy running? Running has been the subject of a lot of my conversations recently (with New Year’s resolutions looming many friends want to know more about it) and a lot of people tell me they don’t run which for me is terrible because you are really missing out. Particularly parents. The two […] Read more…

Banana & Honey Smoothie - Frozen fruit uses, recipe's and tips

1…2…3…Banana & Honey Smoothie

Combining two of the husband’s favourite flavours, this banana and honey smoothie is easy, delicious and was a complete accident! The husband is REALLY into smoothies at the moment and this was something he happened across while trying to find a new flavour. He had a sore throat and was making a banana smoothie and thought […] Read more…

feature image, pair of trainers being held against a field backdrop with writing on saying "are you too old to run? Plus an interview with Sue at Sizzling Towards 60"

Are You “Too Old To Run”?

When is it too late to start running? And when are you too old to run? From what I have seen, the answer is never. I am constantly overtaken at races and events by the mature runners more often than the “young and spritely” looking ones. This definitely inspires me to improve as I get older […] Read more…

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