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One of my favourite things to eat and feed everyone else is wraps- they make you feel fuller, they add a bit of dimension to your food and also it gives you a great excuse to eat with your hands (some of the time) So I was going to tutorialise some wrap recipes and then realised that you can add literally anything to them. So in that spirit I found some fun cool ideas I am going to try (and you should too) from other bloggers that have beaten me to the punch (maybe there’s a couple of mine in there too :p)

So Lets give it up for wraps!

Dinner Wraps

I’ve made all of these ( to some degree or another) and they are amazing wrap fillers for dinner!

  1. Traditional Fajita Wraps – Who doesn’t love a good fajita, you can buy do-it-yourself kits from the supermarket now and it’s easy peasy to make your own too! I found this Fajita recipe on Chopsticks and cheesecake – There Is even a recipe for homemade guacamole and salsa from scratch = bonus!

    This Gorgeous pic is from chopsticks and cheesecake
    This Gorgeous pic is from chopsticks and cheesecake
  2. Stir Fry – This is a great cupboard cleaner at the end of the week – if you have veg left over, maybe a bit of chicken, bacon, ham – anything the best thing to do is stir fry it up and make a tasty meal out of it. Why stop there ? put it in the wrap and add some cheese and they’ll be none the wiser it’s a pic and mix – yep this dinner was totally deliberate!
  3. Mediterranean chicken – Well where would I be if I didn’t put one of my own recipes on the list ! it is true though I add a bit of soured cream as a base and top with the Mediterranean chicken and it’s a great lunch meal – especially if you have quinoa with the med chicken.

  4. Speaking of Quinoa (see what I did there??) – For those of you who don’t know, it is a really diverse grain that is full of protein (which by the way makes it excellent runner food!) Now Quinoa is so diverse you can add it to almost anything (hmm maybe I should have done a quinoa post instead…) Now because you can add it to anything it’s great for bulking out meals and making them stick together better which is inherently great for wraps! A few suggestions I have tried are:
    1. Quinoa, chargrilled vegetables in a tomato sauce – in a wrap
    2. Mediterranean chicken and quinoa wrap (see above)
    3. Quinoa, chicken, salsa and herbs – in a wrap (well it is a wrap post)

It was impossible to pick a recipe from somewhere else so I picked the one I am going to try next which I found by Julie at Table for Two and she decided to go for a spinach pesto quinoa bowl which looks very wrapable (pesto is my next favourite – I feel a pesto post coming on too!)

This Pic is Julie's at Table for Two
This Pic is Julie’s at Table for Two

Breakfast Wraps

Because you thought wraps were only for dinner right? WRONG;

  1. An egg and cheese breakfast wrap – is THE best way to start the day! It’s so easy too because you make cheesy scrambled egg, put a slithering of butter on the wrap and combine the two – BOOM breakfast magic! – no pics i’m afraid, there’s no time between plate and mouth.
  2. Strawberry chocolate granola wrap – So I just found a way to justify eating chocolate strawberries for breakfast – add some granola (not a huge fan but if it leads me to breakfast chocolate I’m in) and put it in a wrap! This little gem I found on lydia life  and FYI you can make these ahead of time to make them a grab-and-go breakfast! – Score!

    Enticing you with this Lydia Life pic
    Enticing you with this Lydia Life pic
  3. Peanut butter apple wraps with granola – Now I have a confession… I loathe peanut butter, I literally hate it, unfortunately hubby and the little one love the stuff so we buy it in industrial size jars to take up space in my cupboard, this is a cool idea though to get the monkeys eating a bit healthier and adding some fruit (inside a wrap obviously) into the morning and starting the day out just right, Ready Set Eat have a great recipe.

    Ready Set Eat also have this cool picture too
    Ready Set Eat also have this cool picture too
  4. Spinach feta breakfast wraps – now these healthy little wraps will see you through a busy morning and the best part is that they are also freezer friendly for the ultimate working mum! and you can get this helpful recipe at The kitchn 

    How artistic is this pic from The Kitchn
    How artistic is this pic from The Kitchn
  5. Apple cheesecake breakfast wrap – ok ok technically it’s a quesadillas which means it’s a fried wrap but technically it’s still a wrap and look how yummy they look! Well done Cathy at lemon tree dwelling !

    Still a wrap - from The Lemon Tree Dwelling
    Still a wrap – from The Lemon Tree Dwelling


Dessert wraps

My favourite kind of wraps, because lets be honest dessert should be served first- and if it’s a wrap I can justify it right?… onto the selection

  1. So I love making a wrap equivalent of a s’more and adding sprinkles and various naughty things I can find – I added jelly babies once too! But here’s a “proper recipe” from Taste of Home for their take on “Chocolate and marshmallow dessert wrap”

    Campfire Wrap am I right? from Taste of Home
    Campfire Wrap am I right? from Taste of Home
  2. Pumpkin Spice cheesecake wrap – I found this whilst researching new recipes and it looks amazing! I’ve never tried it, never even thought of it! so I’ll leave it up to Jamie at love bakes good cakes to tell you all about it.

    And Jamie can show you with her pic!
    And Jamie can show you with her pic!
  3. Strawberry cheesecake chimichangas – Again technically a wrap but still deep fried (it still counts) it looks so good! at oh my god chocolate desserts 

    Her pic is mouthwatering over at omgchocolatedesserts
    Her pic is mouthwatering over at omgchocolatedesserts

Snack Wraps

There are hundreds of these recipes but this one really caught my eye from Kristy at boys ahoy so I filed it away under snacks because these are little and therefore snacky! – go Kristy with her own category!

  1. Jalapeno Popper Tortilla pinwheels 
    Doesn't her pic look cool?
    Doesn’t her pic look cool?

    I hope you like some of these fab ideas – I know I’ll be trying most (alright all) of them. If you have a cool wrap recipe I would love to add it here so leave me a message 🙂


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  1. These are brilliant, so many ideas I’d never thought of before and never would without someone showing me the way! We just had wraps last night, but I only have 2 types up my sleeve – mince and chicken!

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