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Seeing your child smile is enough to make your entire day. Knowing that their smile came from something that you did to make them feel happy is an amazing feeling, one that we should strive for on a daily basis.

15 Ways to Make Your Child Smile

Think about the last time that you got a smile from your child that you know came deep down from their toes. You know your child better than anyone, and you know that when they smile, they mean it. Their eyes light up, their hearts are happy, and that smile spreads across their face so fast that it is honestly contagious.

When they smile, you smile. While making your child smile isn’t hard to do, it’s always fun to think of new ways to bring that smile to their face. Have fun in thinking of ways to light up that gorgeous grin!

Making Your Child Smile

Tell them how smart they are and how proud you are of them. When they wake up, have a compliment be the first thing that they hear.

Start their day with a compliment

Tell them how smart they are and how proud you are of them. When they wake up, have a compliment be the first thing that they hear.

Hand out high-fives freely

Who can deny a high-five and a smile? No one. And definitely not a child. Go high, go low, and then give ’em a grin. You are sure to get one back in return.

Play a game with them

If they ask to play a game, play it! Make their day by participating in a game of their choice.

Take them to the park

If the weather is nice outside, let them pick a park of their choice and go explore with them. Who can say no to the slides and the swings?

Take children to the park

Give them hugs when they need it

Children love to be hugged. Oftentimes, we miss the cues that our little ones are needing a hug. Pay more attention and hug them frequently!

Surprise them with a fun treat

A breakfast of homemade pancakes? A treat of their own that is waiting for them when they get home from school? All great options to bring a smile to their face.

Leave notes for them

Place a note in their lunchbox letting them know that you are thinking of them. Hidden notes can bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Start a tickle war

If your little one has a tickle spot, start a tickle war with them. Be prepared for flat-out giggles with this one! And be prepared to be tickled back as well!

Read together before bedtime

Snuggling and reading together before bedtime is a ritual that is cherished by so many children. Spend time picking out the perfect book and snuggling down to enjoy reading the story together before bedtime.

Read together

Create dinner together at night

If your child loves to cook, why not have them help you create a great dinner in the kitchen? Kids can be such a big help, and they will love the feeling of being able to contribute.

Be creative together

Get out the crayons and ask your little one to help colour a picture together to hang up on the fridge. Creating a masterpiece is a great way to smile, laugh, and bond!

You can check out some of my free printables for more creative ideas!

Ask them how their day was

And then, listen. If your child feels that you truly want to know, they will talk your ear off with every detail of their entire day and smile the whole time doing so.

Let them decide something to do together

Instead of you making the plans, why not let them? They will be ecstatic to offer up fun ideas for you all to spend time together.

Race them to the mailbox

Seriously, all kids love getting the mail. And who doesn’t like a good race to go along with it?

End each day telling your little one 5 reasons that you love them

Tuck them soundly and safely into bed, give them the reasons why you love them, and have them drift off to sleep with sweet thoughts floating around in their mind.

Being able to make your child smile each and every day is a gift. As their parents, their smile makes up your entire day. Shower them with love, give them confidence, and tell them how much they mean to you and watch that smile light up the room every single time.