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With shorter days and longer nights, it is hard to feel like there is enough hours in the day during winter. Because of this, it can be more stressful and you may forget to take time for yourself. Looking after yourself is not all about working out and eating right, you need to unwind and recover too.


Effects of Too Much Stress

Too much stress can lead to:

  • Workout progression setbacks
  • Physical effects on the body such as; headaches, skin problems, heart issues, high blood pressure and anxiety
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Sugar cravings leading to weight gain
  • Interfering with memory

11 Ways I Like to Unwind

As you can see, stress is not our friend! So lets take time to unwind, de-stress and take a moment this winter:


This could be anything, there is something very therapeutic about taking something and transforming it into something else! The end product doesn’t matter so much as being free to create whatever you want. Here are some ways to create:

  • Drawing/Painting
  • Knitting
  • Sewing
  • Pottery
  • Cooking
  • DIY

Go ‘Screen-free’

Turn off your phone and social media for a morning/afternoon or full day. Spend the free time you have being present in your life and not worrying about being in front of a screen. This is specifically useful if you are looking to unwind before bed, as it has been proven that looking at screens keeps the brain more active and discourages sleep!

Have a Cuppa / Hot chocolateĀ 

Any hot drink will do! they are perfect for feeling relaxed and heated drinks are good for your digestion!


Try yoga or just some normal stretches. Stretching loosens your muscles and helps them relax and get more supple. Also stretching greatly improves your flexibility. Yoga specifically is great for relaxing and emphasises breathing techniques that help you unwind.

Binge Watch

Go on, what’s your guilty pleasure to watch on the TV? spend a Sunday afternoon catching up and you’ll take some time for you, as well as feeling better for not missing out!

Soak In The Bath

I think this is self-explanatory. If you are a bath-y person then grab some candles, bubble bath and some smellies and have a good wallow!

Preen Free

Have a “natural” day; don’t wear any make-up, brush your hair (if you have too) and tie it up and try not to focus on how you look for the day. Not only is this good for your skin but you can devote the extra time to unwinding too! (2 for 1).

Get in Touch

Been meaning to speak to someone recently and get in contact? then phone a friend and give them a call! catch-up and enjoy talking and reconnecting (you’ve been meaning to do it anyways)

Cross off the list

Do something you’ve been meaning to do for ages that has been stuck in your mind that you can never find the time for. Try not to do anything that is going to take up a lot of time and turn into a stressful project but something as simple as; sorting out the kitchen cupboard or finding the name of a song you really like. The little annoyances.

Listen to music / Read a book

I love to do both (not at the same time) and reading is one of my favourite things to unwind. I love getting lost in another world!

Home Spa Party

Invite some of the girlies over and do home-made face masks, manicures and watch a movie! That way you get to pamper yourself and have a girly bonding session at the same time! (i’m nothing if not efficient!)

How do you unwind? Do you enjoy anything from my list? Let me know by leaving a comment or sharing šŸ™‚