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Hitting the gym after work? the kids have got a club to go to? or do you just have an extremely long day? Snacking regularly can stop you from overeating during meals and keeps you from those horrible hunger cravings! You should have 2 small snacks a day (excuses to eat? you’re welcome). The best kind of healthy snacks are under 200 kcal and should have some sort of nutrition in them (not 200 kcal of chocolate! sorry).

healthy snacks

Here are some great alternatives for people on the go to stop you reaching for that afternoon packet of crisps (or 6!)…

Tomato & pepper dip and veggie snacks

This great recipe serves 6 and is only 80 kcal per portion. This means you can make it ahead of time and separate it for each day of the week. Change up your dipping veggies so that you get a bit of variety. Here are some great dipping vegetables:

  • Carrots – 41kcal per 100g
  • Bell Peppers – 20kcal per 100g
  • Cucumber – 16kcal per 100g
  • Celery – 16kcal per 100g

Week one sorted! Total Calories = 96 – 121 per portion

Grapefruit slices

This healthy fiber fruit can curb those sweet cravings if that is what you’re after. It is also said to improve your metabolism too, so it can aid in weight loss!

Total Calories = 42 per portion

Frozen grapes

Another one for the sweet cravers. Pop these in the freezer on a baking sheet and freeze until they are firm, then pop them into an air tight container. You might think I’m mad but grapes don’t freeze hard, they go firm and have a creamy texture to them which makes them a bit more interesting to eat!

Total Calories = 67 per portion

several bunch of grapes
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Cream cheese and pitta

There are a lot of low-fat cream cheeses out there, like this one which only has 29kcal per serving. Cut a wholemeal pitta into strips and you have another great dipping alternative. *you can also grill the pitta to make it crispy if you are after more of a crunchy snack *

Total calories = 200 per portion

Greek yogurt and blueberries

Natural Low-Fat Greek yogurt to be exact! This is great in a pinch because it is easy to pick up and go and will suit those with a sweet tooth.

Top Tip = Measure out your fruit the night before and put into zip lock bags in the fridge so you are ready to grab it and go.

Total calories = 180 per portion

Cherry tomatoes and goat cheese

It sounds too posh for work but this super easy simple recipe will keep you going all afternoon!

Total Calories = 98  per portion


This is one of my favorites because it shouldn’t be healthy but it is! to find healthy popcorn choose air-popped and fat-free. My favourite brand is Propercorn!

Total Calories = 100 per portion

Cinnamon apple chips

You can make this great this great recipe ahead of time as a crisp alternative. The cinnamon gives an extra level of taste rather than just the fruit too so they are fun to eat!

Total Calories = 150 per portion

Whole wheat crackers and peanut butter

This snack is a great source of protein and is perfect for those who run or exercise after work. This snack will keep you going and is very easy too!

Total Calories = 180 per portion


If you want an alternative to the fizzy drinks, milkshakes or hot chocolates at work that are packed full of sugar and empty calories, give smoothies a try. They are a useful way to pack in your five a day and get all of the nutrients you need. Avoid using fruit juice as the base because it takes the sugar overboard. Instead, use water and add thickening fruit such as; mangoes and bananas. Why not try our “Week of Health Smoothie Recipes”

Total Calories = between 120 – 200 per portion

Energy bites

A favorite among runners, these are easy to make ahead of time and require no baking! This Matcha Chocolate Protein Bite Recipe is high in fiber and protein and you can even justify the chocolate too! (you’re welcome!).

Total Calories = 150 – 200 per portion

KitchenTakeovers’ Matcha Protein Energy Bites

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  1. Wow, these are all great healthy snack ideas! Definitely beats eating those oily potato chips and pre-packaged cookies. What healthy snack do you like munching on? 🙂

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