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DIY cat toys to give your kitty friends some homemade love

I am all for spoiling the Toolbox Kitties but half of the time they are fussy and I don’t like to spend a lot of money when all they are interested in is the box afterwards! I love a project or two (check out the Project Index for some more creative fun!) so I thought I would find some ways I could amuse myself and our cats without spending a fortune!!

As I discussed in my Indoor Cat Care post, toys are a great way to keep your cat from getting bored and getting exercise but they aren’t just indoor cats though. If you have a cat that scratches, they could be bored and looking for something to keep them entertained or fulfil some of their natural instincts. There are different toys to suit their needs and these can be categorised as food/feeder toys, puzzles, hunting or health so that they all have a role to play.

Cat toys are also a great idea for exercising indoor cats and making sure that they don’t get too overweight which can be a problem if they are in smaller flats or houses. Check out some of my other Indoor Cat Care tips for other ways to keep a healthy kitty indoors!

These are some of my favorite ideas that I am looking forward to giving a go and should hopefully spruce up the toy stash for our kitty friends!

1. Spider Cat Toy
2. Cat Toy Wand
3. Toilet Paper Roll Cat Toy
4. No Sew, No Glue Cat Toys
5. DIY Scratching Post
6. Kitty Nap Box with Fabric and Tape
7. Finger Knitting Simple Mouse Cat Toy
8. Cat Food Puzzle Toy
9. No Sew Pet Bed for Cats
10. Homemade Cat Scratching Post
11. Kitty DIY Scratching Post

If that isn’t enough I have also picked out some of my other favorite picks for DIY cat toys!

Frugal Favourite: Make your own Cat Toys from Wiki How

Simple and Effective: Bottle Feeder (pictured) by Purina One

Hardcore Crafty Creation:Feline Detour Tunnels by Trend Hunter

Video: Sock Toys by EHow

Blogger Video Favourite:DIY Puzzle Feeder by The Artsy Crafty

Hopefully these are some fun (and frugal) ways to keep your cat entertained and gives you something to do. At least they won’t judge on the quality of your craft skills (they probably will) but you won’t have spent a lot of money when they turn their noses up at it!

Let me know how you get on with these projects, I would love to see some examples so leave me a link in the comments and I will check them out 🙂

Which DIY cat toys are your favorite? Are you going to try any?

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show your kitty friends some homemade love with some of these fun and frugal DIY cat toys that you can make them to show how much you love and care!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my cat nap box DIY! I shared on Twitter/Pinterest/Stumble. (p.s. Check the link on your Twitter icon in the side bar.)

  2. These are amazing. I spend so much money on cat toys, so it would be good to make some myself.

  3. The list seems easy but very creative at the same time. Great options for a pet cat.

  4. Those are very cute cat toys. I remember when I had a cat that the minute I started playing with him and giving him toys, he started to believe anything was a toy. Arms. Legs. Feet. All toys. Crazy but fun cat.

  5. My cat loves to place all my beauty boxes 🙂 am thankful he didnt destroy my makeups 🙂

    • I don’t have a cat but these are some really fun tutorials. I need to find something like this for turtles.

  6. What cute cat toy ideas! I have dogs and would love the dog equivalent of some of these DIYs!

  7. I like them all! I need to forward this post to my best friend, she has one very cute cat.:)

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