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Lets be honest, a lot of the time, being a grown up sucks!

Sometimes you just need to stop being Adult-y for the day or the afternoon and get some downtime!
Laughter is one of the best medicines and I love being silly
– Elbert Hubbard ImageSource
So here are some ways to avoid the stress and avoid being a grown up – even for a few minutes!

1. Swing on the swings – or go to the park

Have a go on the swings – see how high you can go, slide down the side and climb back up – why not!
*careful not to get stuck as I perfectly demonstrate!*
This Happens A lot

2. Have a duvet day

Take a day off, snuggle in your PJ’s and have no where to be! that’s the best feeling is having no commitments for the day.
If you can’t take a whole day then opt for a half day and have a lie in before work!
If you still have the kids then make a fort! (I’ve mentioned this before in my “Fun Frugal Kids Activities” post.) – making forts are one of my favourite past times.
One of our forts!

3. Make Something

Do something crafty! – making something is very therapeutic! you could even learn a new skill like knitting or sewing.
*Click here For Hand Sewing Tips For Beginners to get you started*
Me Getting My Knitting on!

4. Space Hoppers or skipping

I love skipping ropes and space hoppers – I think they are more hilarious as a grown up than a child.
If you have kids then steal theirs while they aren’t looking!
If not they are pretty inexpensive – get a couple and you can have races!! You don’t need kids to justify this purchase!

5. Cut the screen time!

If you are usually staring at a screen all day then put all devices away and read a book! – Put your emails on divert and sit down for a quiet cuppa!

6. Binge Watch Some TV

The opposite to cutting the screen time but if you have a long commute or do lots of walking around then sitting down and vegging for an hour or so is a welcome change!
I took this on an early morning run and doesn’t do it justice!

7.  Get up early and get out

For some of you, starting the day bright and early is a great way to reconnect with your inner child! why not go out for a walk, run or cycle and get your exercise in straight away and just enjoy nature!

8.  Start Jamming

Pop some music on and have a boogie – This is a great way to take a few minutes if you don’t have time to take an hour etc. Why not work on your funky dance moves for your next dance off – it’s bound to happen some time!

9. Colouring books

These are popular at the moment and I have one – they are more intricate than a child’s’ one but just as fun! Sometimes it is great to just mindlessly do something that is seperate from everyday life!

10. Jump in the bath with your clothes on!

I love doing this every once in a while – just jump in and have a laugh – get the kids in too! have a little swim session, clothes and all! who cares!!
*Don’t forget to take your watch off!*

Is there anyway you like to pretend you’re not an adult or do you do non- adulty type things? let me know in the comments 🙂







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