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10 Projects for Leftover Chalkboard Paint

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So I bought some chalkboard paint for a recent project and with most things I buy, I went overboard.

I decided to research ways to use up the last of it and came across hundreds of these ideas (thank you Pinterest!) Obviously I can’t put them all here but I figured, why not share some of my favorites! Now I feel like I need to buy some more!!!

Wine dip glasses

Tutorial over at Just short of crazy, these look like a cute idea for parties and dinners or an alternative to seating placement cards at weddings.

Chalkboard Fridge

Although this isn’t exactly leftover paint project material it is a great idea that looks amazing! What Erin Lauray did to update her fridge is a great alternative to magnets and an easy way to write lists.

Sticky Labels

Over at Hoosier homemade they have a nifty tutorial about how to make chalkboard sticky labels and they look amazing! Go check it out.

Glass Labels

Never fight over who’s glass is who’s again! paint straight onto glasses for a funky label twist. This would be great for those with kids too at dinnertime!

Domestic Charm

Chalkboard coasters

Over at Happy Happy Nester they turned cork coasters into funky chalkboard named ones! – this is the perfect project if you don’t have much paint left!

*Psst: I bet you could make matching place mats too!*

Herb Garden Planters

This gorgeous idea from Tried and True uses stencils to make labels for outdoor herbs! stay organised and have great garden decor all at once! This is perfect for smaller gardens!


Chalkboard Decorative Bottles

Over at Something Peach they’ve come up with a really chic table decoration that doubles up as a vase too (how multi-functional) and you could even paint these in plastic for a unique twist on the baby bowling tutorial I did.


Mason jar candles

This is probably one of my favorites from Heart.Love.Always, her idea is to use them as wedding centerpieces but I also think they would look fab at summer garden parties or BBQ’s – the possibilities are endless with this little gem!


Chalk blocks

These are a great multi-functional idea for teaching the kids numbers and letters as well as building – you could even get them to help with the painting too! – something a little different to help with their learning and development!


Travel activity board

I love frugal kids activities, so this chalkboard paint activity board from b-inspired mama is a great addition to the list and an excellent way to keep the kids entertained in the car!!


Added Bonus:

In my research, I found a great recipe for your own chalkboard paint (if you are so inclined – I haven’t tried it though) from  – Amy over at the idea room


If you have any other ideas that you would like to share then leave a link in a comment and I’ll take a look and perhaps I will expand the list!

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